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Thread: Police: Dad burns kids' hands for stealing

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    Default Police: Dad burns kids' hands for stealing

    HAMPTON, Ga. -- A father who suspected his teenage daughter of shoplifting burned her and her younger brotherís hands with a frying pan to teach them a lesson, police alleged.

    Bruce Edward Ennis, 37, a Jamaican immigrant, pleaded not guilty Tuesday in Henry County court to cruelty to children and two counts of aggravated battery.

    Police say in May Ennis suspected his 14-year-old daughter of shoplifting and burned the hands of both his daughter and his 11-year-old son with a frying pan to discipline them.

    Police say Ennis did not seek medical treatment for the children's second-degree burns.

    Henry County Police Captain Jason Bolton says authorities began investigating Ennis after his daughter reported the incident to teachers. School officials contacted the Division of Family and Children Services.

    Bolton says Ennis, who is originally from Jamaica, moved to Hampton about a year ago, and the children's mother still lives in Jamaica.

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