right well here is the deal i met this girl through a friend of mine and we started getting friendly and soon enough we were an item ( i was hittin that shit)

anyway i had been going out with her for around 10 months or so when we were driving in my car one day and i was bumping OB4CL and she just started shouting at me

she was like "is that all u listen too, when were in your room you play wu-tang when were in your car you listen to some kind of wu-tang album when were out you have an ipod earphone in playing wu tang and when you fone rings it a fuckin wu tang clan ring tone"

she calmed down a bit and told me that she "kinda" liked the music but that she didnt like how i was always playing it and that maybe we could play some of her music

needless to say, i drop her off at her house and havent spoke to the bitch since