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Thread: Face the iron fist!!

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    Default Face the iron fist!!


    16 BARZ....gwan
    Bank heist in Kathmandu, it was a slaughter
    The day Buddha was born it rained tea instead of water

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    I'll take you on. I'm just trying to improve though. So if you want it, just say who drops first.

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    alright, I'll just post my 16 lines since this game is boring. hold on

    edit in verse,

    lil' fucker by the time you post I'll be old and wrinkly
    asking his mom for a band aid for a flow thats wimpy
    telling it like it is, Heaven is the best case scenario
    ladies call me Mr. Chamberlain, no Wilt the way I slept on this hoe
    kid wants to see a track record, like I'm running away
    pile up the stats, light you up year for year like birthday cake
    and trust, my thoughts bruises ya digitally or not like Neo
    I'd throw you a bone, but I'm a fiend though
    hit you up silencer on so I can hear the screams, see the tears
    to get manly enough to face me he buys blow to get rid of fear
    even though you hittin' up the keys queer like Elton
    your wrestling the best in the front row seats bettin'
    that you'll walk away legs attached, arms swinging
    I go for ya eye, katana think cheek for cheek, he harmless kissing
    sixteen's nothing for me, gain rep. like the White House
    pansy I gotta use the fist like the club just hit mic droughts

    took longer then I thought, kept listening in on the games
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