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Thread: battle anyone

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    Default battle anyone

    i know this forum iz quiet az hell
    jus post ya'll verse n i'll come back to respond.

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    how many bars? how many rounds? gotta make the ruules an shit if u expect some 1 2 respond,

    ill battle u but u gotta let me kno the rules and shit

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    na i didint mean to be one on one
    to clear all this up im sayin to drop ya'll versez then i'll respond to all of them
    when i come back
    in other wordz im kinda challengin everyone here lol

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    Yo I rap casual Spit chains through the shackle
    I challange you to an incredible battle
    Spit your darts while your still standing
    Reply to the eye is what I'm demanding

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    um yo....idk if u gettin at me or dude that started this thread,but b4 this becomes flooding if u gettin at me set it up homie,ill go easy i sware

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    If you wanna battle some1, I got nothing doing right now. If you wanna battle me, set it up, in a new thread. House rules.

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    fuck it I'll battle you..... check it, I'll battle you in person right in front of your crib/
    if you double cross me...I'll put the gun to your wig/
    you a cop lovin' snitch indeed,... son of a pig/
    have you reakin' like a bum, I'll leave you under a bridge/
    you be talkin' all that Bull but you ain't ever pack the Iron/
    yo my rapid firing lyricasm clap you cats for lyin'/
    I'm a savage wit a spike bat, and I might snap so watch your step/
    slice you wit precision,... yo my ice axe will stop your breath/
    chop your flesh to kibbles while I nibble on your last remains/
    slash your veins wit barbedwire twined into a massive chain/
    crash a plane into your kitchen while your momma's cookin' gritz/
    cock the llama put it quick to your momma's crooked tits/
    I don't wanna jooks your whip, but I need a getaway/
    duke I'll have you feelin' like Pac, lookin' for better days/
    I never say what I never mean..so if it's beef youngin'/
    you'll be smiling in your next pic wit all your teeth sunken!!!

    aight, that literally took me less than 5 minutes to write, git at me 1

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