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Thread: Shyheim_Presents-Bottom_Up_(Volume_1)-2005

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    Default Shyheim_Presents-Bottom_Up_(Volume_1)-2005

    01-caniven_(feat_imf_blue_steele)-the_difference.mp3 a37c4cd0
    02-imf_blue_steele-yall_niggaz_aint_tuf.mp3 a28eff83
    03-shyheim-u_and_me.mp3 fe26bc5c
    04-l.e.o.-let_it_be_that_real.mp3 c343e218
    05-imf_blue_steele-got_the_nerve.mp3 bcec4109
    06-bottom_up_embassy-get_it_bitch.mp3 39e52e54
    07-imf_blue_steele-poppin.mp3 00a797ad
    08-l.e.o.-kill_a_nigga.mp3 ccf5066b
    09-imf_blue_steele-im_good.mp3 63254546
    10-shyheim_(feat_lex)-im_back.mp3 c638a708
    11-imf_blue_steele-good_lord.mp3 c5b5fe35
    12-shyheim-pardon_the_noise.mp3 03ac3f53
    13-imf_blue_steele-one_day_(big_tribute).mp3 66f4c8ab
    14-bottom_up_(feat_hue_heff)-coke_spot_ceiling.mp3 9ddb9be1
    15-shyheim_(feat_bars_n_hooks)-ya_no_killa.mp3 e9f6cf23
    16-shyheim-strip_sumthin_slut.mp3 56521b61
    17-shyheim_(feat_gutta)-surah.mp3 6f26b2c2
    18-imf_blue_steele-dirty.mp3 17da55bb
    19-shyheim-easy_street.mp3 e1f60d9a
    20-bonus-track.mp3 4167dcc2

    anyone else heard bout this?

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    Default Re: Shyheim_Presents-Bottom_Up_(Volume_1)-2005

    most of those are off his last cd, the greatest story never told

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    Default Re: Shyheim_Presents-Bottom_Up_(Volume_1)-2005

    Bars And Hooks *sigh* They Suck Ass

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    Quote Originally Posted by gi0vanni
    create man you're always bitching at people. you need to take a chill pill. you jump on people every chance you get.

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    Default Re: Shyheim_Presents-Bottom_Up_(Volume_1)-2005

    Barz and hooks, just they aint wu u r quick to hate, they r affiliated with thw infamous.. we talkin about Mobb deep, IM3, Noyd, Littles, Alchemist, non wack in that crew, game recognise game, show respect where respect is due, they might suck to u but not to me.
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