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Thread: Russians successfully launch environmentally friendly super bomb!

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    Default Russians successfully launch environmentally friendly super bomb!

    RUSSIA has tested the world's most powerful vacuum bomb, which has the power of a nuclear blast, the military said yesterday, dubbing it the "father of all bombs".

    The bomb is the latest in a series of new Russian weapons and policy moves as President Vladimir Putin tries to reassert Moscow's role on the international stage.

    A report prepared by the Russian military said the new bomb was much stronger than the US-built huge ordnance air blast bomb -- MOAB, also known as the "mother of all bombs".

    "So, Russian designers called the new weapon 'father of all bombs'," the military reported.

    "Test results of the new airborne weapon have shown that its efficiency and power is commensurate with a nuclear weapon," General Alexander Rukshin, Russian deputy armed forces chief of staff, told Russia's state ORT First Channel television.

    "You will now see it in action, the bomb which has no match in the world, is being tested at a military site."

    It showed a Tupolev Tu-160 strategic bomber dropping the bomb over a testing ground. A large explosion followed.

    Pictures showed what looked like a flattened multi-storey block of flats surrounded by scorched soil and boulders.

    "The soil looks like a lunar landscape," the report said.

    "The defence ministry stresses this military invention does not contradict a single international treaty. Russia is not unleashing a new arms race."

    Such devices generally detonate in two stages. First a small blast disperses a main load of explosive material into a cloud, which then either spontaneously ignites in air or is set off by a second charge.

    This explosion generates a pressure wave that reaches much further than that from a conventional explosive.

    The consumption of gases in the blast also generates a partial vacuum that can compound damage and injuries caused by the explosion itself.

    "The main destruction is inflicted by an ultrasonic shockwave and an incredibly high temperature," the military said.

    "All that is alive merely evaporates."

    General Rukshin said: "At the same time, I want to stress that the action of this weapon does not contaminate the environment, in contrast to a nuclear one."

    The Tu-160 supersonic bomber that dropped the bomb, widely known under its NATO nickname of "Blackjack", is the heaviest combat aircraft ever built.

    Mr Putin, who has overseen the roll-out of new tactical and anti-aircraft missiles and combat aircraft, has ordered the Blackjacks and the Tu-95 "Bear" bombers to patrol around the world.

    Showing the orange-painted US prototype, the Russian bomb was reportedly four times more powerful -- 44 tonnes of TNT equivalent -- and the temperature at the blast epicentre was double, at 2700C.

    In 1999 Russian generals threatened to use vacuum bombs to wipe out rebels during the "anti-terrorist operation" in its restive Chechnya province.

    - Reuters

    Yaay now we can destroy each other cleanly and leave the place tidy for extraterrestrials to take over.
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    I was thinkin' the same thing.

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    Suga Duga


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    General Rukshin said: "At the same time, I want to stress that the action of this weapon does not contaminate the environment, in contrast to a nuclear one."

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    a bombs a bomb doesnt matter if its enviromentally friendly or not. a more worrying issue is that the russians are now getting back to being a superpower. the guys have really made huge progress these past years. a new cold war????

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    russia becoming a super power once again would be a good thing.

    the US currently does whatever it wants.

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    Thumbs down

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    But we're the good guys!
    you make me laugh

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