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Thread: What other Wu Generals are droppin this year??

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    Quote Originally Posted by P3T3R BARK3R
    i think meth will need years to drop his new album. he always took long breaks between his albums.

    anybody heard what happened to that b.a.s.i.c.-album with redman?
    it's true that Meth takes long pauses between albums but look at Wu Tang albums, it took several years between 36 chamber and forever, it took years too between forever and the W and then they drop the Iron Flag quickly after the W when they felt fans are disappointed.
    so Meth could drop something this year even he drop an album last year. plus he has a couple of songs alrealdy done (the one made by Rza and didn't make it in the Prequel).
    he's at a point of his career he couldn't take long to drop another album, he must do it now or never.
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