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Thread: Showdown In Limbo

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    Default Showdown In Limbo

    whoever lets get mingilng shoot the shit shits..

    have you in the air like my money attracting pretty bartenders...
    guns rain dance around you no need to box im no contender..
    your sisters prolly pay me to work off their peach nectar..
    your mothers call me ambu-lance how i always come through nd stretcher...
    get gully, have you catch more heads then scully's, i love to fuck with mans no honey...
    wanna eat summin i got 5's for your tummy, menace to the undies, government love me..
    got the numerology, take 9 for your dummies,
    7K atleast wanna talk buisness and approach he...
    anyways use the third phone, to call the dudes to tell the dudes to leave your naked bodies..
    have you lookin like you fell of riding birthday suit style on the highway doing high sppeds on a ducatti..
    your lucky you didnt get it close range resident evil wooze L's cockd the shotty, disintegrate particle ions...
    mu fuccers swear they can handle the matrix, aint even made it zion, mu fuccers no i got the saturns so you know i have my I on...
    working cause of cause??

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    Sick shit but man you gotta quick grip
    Your no contender surrender I know you dick lick
    Sick, now that is sick
    Quickly I hit double combo shit
    You can write bars alls I see is an encore skit
    You need to power up if you wanna face the real ones
    I'm back with the iron clan they call us steel ones
    Spit through a blow pipe you better flow right
    Quick grip from bombers so you better hold tight
    Fold right and send the post
    I aint gonna boast but I'm the writer of the ghost
    I will flip kick spit you mash you at the most
    No need to be afraid I'm just gonna burn you to you roast
    I'm the one who puts A into assassin
    A pills B pills C pills you gasping
    "Quick somebody this gut needs water"
    I knew it was a bad idea to take him to the house of slaughter
    But this guys twisted he fucked his own daughter
    POW ! Have you heard the rumour
    I'm harder I'm smoother while your stuck with a tumour
    Would you come later or would you come sooner
    Guillotine on the limozine call me the persercuter
    Flavor of venom feds and the felon
    Suger and spice fuck that more like salt and lemon

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    If you stay still, at long rang kill you in second
    Far from living, my sentence is dead
    Bring water and bread, hip hop king head
    4 barz is a ton to your rap


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