damn.... this forum is fuilled with to0 much beef man, i miss thaold thread and the old days before the forum crashed even th0 i barely joined the forum then... and i jus wanna say peace to all those c0ol homies that were here before and no longer post here bcuz these forums are kinda boring w/out you... no homo... t0o much beef here!!

Peace to Mr Chopsticks
Peace To P. Darts
Peace To Tonystarks29
Peace to Wu Gambino (hardly posts here)
Peace To Don Deini
Peace To Rakwan
Peace To King Callabah
Peace To Wu_Mami
Peace To Mark
Peace To Kell16
Peace To Spoken12
Peace To 37th Chamber
Peace To MsRzarectah
Peace To Graveshifter
Peace To Le Chef
Peace To Reggie_Noble
Peace To Jeru
Peace To Trinidad_Gomez
Peace To Esco

PeaceTo Jordi, he ran the site better than who is no, we dont even have updates!!

and also peace to those that try to keep the forum non-beefy...haha