Whatever. Dr Dre's The Chronic album is the best album Death Row put out. I like Dre and Snoop's Deep Cover song and video. I like at the beginning of the video when the drug dealer that was talking to Dre and Snoop said hey man, hit this. Snoop said naw man i can't fade that LOL. Drug dealer said i been dealing with ya'll for 3 months. What's this all about? You ain't hit the pipe yet. Dre said yeah. So what you saying? Drug dealer said you might be 5'0. Snoop said man i ain't no police LOL. I'm gonna get Deep Cover movie on dvd soon. I haven't seen it since it first came out and it's a good movie. It was different seeing Jeff Goldblum play a bad guy. Victoria Dillard who was also in it as Jeff's girlfriend and she had a affair with Larry Fishburne is cute. She was Denzel Washington's wife in Ricochet movie.