A continuous flow that never stops
Watch the ceiling start to drop
On fire, only thing thats hot
Nowadays, killing spree's, call the cops
But on second thought
I start slammin bitches like on the court
Slitting throats like it's second thought
The natural, the opposite of peace
An animal, complotting my degrees
Maybe I'm dreaming, not scheming
But I'm gettin heavy, drunk off the eighty
All I want is a few trees to blow
But no such luckk, grabbin pills to swallow
These animals, I just start jacking
Not like its any good, the stuff I'm jacking
Jumping outta trees for the trees
Hitting like Freddy, nice and steady
Twisting corpses till they start cracking
Never fight for a reason like I'm in Iraq
Never discourage my hopes
I'll gain courage from the no's
Gotta get something from nothing
Cuz my God is coming
And I gotta show him something
Other then the crude lyrics
Or the the rude spits that rip dudes
Show these bitches I'm more then what you see
Like book cover leaves
Hell, beef on this shit
Smother myself if it comes to it
Dudes copy my style
From my shoes to my contact lenses, to the color of my eyes

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