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Thread: Is everybody wack?!?! yall r dry & corny!!

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    Default Is everybody wack?!?! yall r dry & corny!!

    seems the house of flying daggers is a home for flamin faggots/
    i'm so fly, get in yo shit, an leave ya homos filled with maggots/
    dammit its too tragic how the wu got represented,
    by a bunch of white retards and some niggas thats demented/
    oh and i forgot to mention the chinese connection/
    i'll stretch an asian cat into a whole new dimension/
    my styles beyond convention old school futuristic/
    u could be from 2060 and u still wouldn't get it/
    get it? well step up to my challenge, you can get it/
    and leave feeling like upon ur head i have just shitted.

    dem nah wan contes the dondadda!

    step up

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    what the fuck you on, the ego-inflated be hated
    in the storm corp where snitch katz get slashed n slated
    clashed and decimated, incenerated in diffrent places
    the only flow you blow, is the spit from your braces
    lets face it, you asked to get ravaged
    i challenge you to comback n get damaged.... its a famine
    of the lyrical sort, your the spreader, passin on those rhyme warts
    time talks, but for you it dont a broke young joke who asked to get smoked
    ill toke on your fumes while you be flaming, your failing, impaled on the railing
    hells raining so heres advice to all net-mice, think before you try spit in that mic
    Bank heist in Kathmandu, it was a slaughter
    The day Buddha was born it rained tea instead of water

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