Xtadas, all up in ya eye like an iris
Slay MCs like serial killers that target the Irish
SUrprising the shit outta folks like blitzkrieg
You wanna get next to me? I'll fuck up ya destiny
So raw you need condoms for headphones to listen to me
Or I'll knock up ya style, battle you in pregnancy
Illegibly scribin' the words passed down on my head
Leave the coldest rapper's Kedaver on a flatbed
Muthafucka's wanna walk up, test me in my sector
Have they chick come swallow my brain like Hannibal Lecter
I shut down studios, they can't afford to fix all the mics that I wrecked
Stupid sick, like Eazy-E's retarded kindred spirit
You hear it? Sound of a Howitzer, blast the shit outta ya
Xtadas leave you findin' out y, like algebra
Who's mad at the six-foot-four white dude in black shirts
Drivin' a spike so hard into ya brain that you're a corpse before you know it hurts
Berserk, get it right, don't try to test me
Leave you dyslexic when I slap words back in ya vicinity.