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Thread: Nas ~ It Was Written

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    Classic equal with Stillmatic as MY favourite Nas album.

    In my top ten all time cross genre albums

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    Only songs i liked on It Was Written is Street Dreams, I Gave You Power, Take It In Blood, Live Nigga Rap, If I Ruled The World. What a shame he hasn't made a good album since Illmatic because he's a ill mc. Bad beats is the reason why i think most of his albums suck.

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    Default Twiztids Nas Reviews: ''It was Written''

    My review for It was Written

    1) Album Intro: A slave intro, I know it was suppose to be serious. But I kinda thought it was funny ''Dam deez chains'' 5/10

    2) The Messege: This is the song that had the FIrst verse piss off pAC. But this track is considered one of the best hip hop songs ever. And its hard to deny that. 10/10

    3) Street dreams: This track is okay, The sample was also on ''All eyez on me'' from Pac ironically. Lyrically okay, but it sounds dumbed down compared to normal Nas. 6/10

    4) I gave you power: The 2nd best song on the album (Behind Messege) Talking from the perspective of a gun...Wow...That is a fucking amazing idea. Only Nas could pull that off.Did I forget to mention Premier dis this. So theres no shock at how amazing it is 10/10

    5) Watch dem niggaz: Not the best beat ever, And it sounds more like a ''Doggystyle'' era snoop track. '' I got no game, Its only bitches that understand my story'' I always liked that verse. 7/10

    6) Take it in blood: It has an illmatic type of feel, just not as gritty 7/10

    7) Nas is coming: A very odd collab, They wouldnt hit their stride until ''The firm'' album (Under rated by the way) The hook is okay, lyrically Nas sounds out of place on this Dre beat. but the beat is amazing nonetheless. 7/10

    8) Affirmative Action: This song set up the aforementioned Firm group. With Az starting it off perfect. Cormega would have been a better member for the Firm instead of Nature, and he proves that on this amazing song, The beat is classic. 10/10

    9) The Set up: A mobb deep beat from the jump. Havoc is a good producer, Just not insanely versatile. Nas crushed it regardless. 8/10

    10) Black girl lost: Great subject that needs to be addressed more often. 9/10

    11) Suspect: Great old school beat. Illmatic style 10/10

    12) Shootouts: The sample of the Avengers is perfect in the begining. This album doesnt have as many stories as I would like, but this song makes up for it. 9/10

    13) Live nigga rap: Havoc sounded in his prime on this track, The old school record scratch effect works perfect. 9/10

    14) If I ruled the world: Lauren hill/Nas. What more can be said. Its the world if Nas had control and he paints the picture of any hood persons dreams. 9/10

    Overall: 116/140
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    daily updates: news, articles, reviews, the best compilations on the net. that true skool street hop!

    r.i.p. Johan D, Kaddu, Ricke a.k.a. "Slick Rick" and the rest of the fallen soldiers - you'll never be forgotten!

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    After listening this album for a long time, and listening illmatic for a long time, i started noticing all the up's and down's of this album.

    Although nas is not at the same mode as on illmatic, he really perfected his flow, and when pure rhyming is consered this album is great, but its not even close to illmatic when it comes to replay value.

    Certain songs like black girl lost, and street dreams are never in my repertoir, but message is great, live nigga rap is just live nigga rap, set up is pure storytelling art from nas, as the shootouts, take it in blood and watch de niggaz have that illmatic vibe, i gave you power is pure fire, affirmative action never grew on me, but the beat is really nice, nas is coming also never did it for me....

    and yeah silent murder is really great, but somehow doesn't fit the album...

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    Not sure why people don't like Street Dreams, it's killer.

    Listening to It Was Written reminds me that pretty much no one in hip hop can flow anymore.

    Listen to Nas or Method Man flow on a beat pre 2000, and then listen to something like OB4CL2...

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    Quote Originally Posted by THE FRANCHISE™ View Post
    " I gave you power" = classic.
    This song is probably Nas' career highlight.

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    I Gave You Power is definitely the gem of the album.

    Check it, it was so dope that during his beef with Pac, the song(which may I remind you, didn't mention him in the slightest) ended their beef. That's how much Pac liked it. And afterward, Pac created Me and my Girlfriend, inspired by Nas's song.

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    Stray Bullet by Organized Noize predates both those tracks and is better imo. Although I Gave You Power is ill.

    So many bodies on my microphone the shit's haunted

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    this is like exhibit a in why nas is probably the greatest of all time. lyrically. not as good as illmatic i think, not just cos of production but also it kind of had a nostalgic, excited feel to it. magic actually.

    but all the songs especially the first 5 basically put other rappers to shame, flow, use of language, reality, stories, message etc. also his voice is perfect.

    this album is dope but dr dre diahrread down his leg with that shitty beat, and why nas is coming? cos dr dre fucked him with that stank beat?

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    Silent Murder the bonus track in the Uk is one of my favourite Nas tracks and probably my favourite of that album. The lyrics might not be as good as Illmatic, but I dig his flow and theme better than his 1st. I appreciate what Illmatic is a master piece, but I prefer to listen to this

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    live nigga rap is prolly one of the greatest songs recorded in history

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    it wouldve been a classic if u take away the wack songs (intro street dreams watch dem niggas nas is coming and black girl lost). but theres 2 many wack songs so its just a good album.


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    Was the 3rd album I bought after Illmatic and I am.....

    Wasn't too impressed with it

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    Can't believe some people like this shit better than Illmatic.

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