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Thread: Wats good ya'll?

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    Default Wats good ya'll?

    Sup ya'll, this Sin...I havent been on a music forum in YEARS, but I figure the Wu-Tang forum gotta have that true real shit going on ya know? Just droppin a line saying wats good to everyone, and just finished typin up old poetry cuz Imma get into the Def Poetry Jam and start doin madd spoken words/open mics while I do this music shit 2...heres some shit, tell me wat ya'll think n you def see me killin it on other parts

    July 25th 1986, gift from the heavenly skies
    my mother shakin inside, doc said i wouldnt make it alive
    couldnt see shit, but i feel the tears in her eyes
    I sense the fears n the vibes, got this feelin inside
    that i'm healin its aight, now i'm feelin the lighht
    3 days undecided, survived, doc said i'm divine
    to fight it, N now my parents excited
    cuz i'm breathin n livin
    priest preachin religion
    told my parents that I
    had the freedom of vision
    That i would choose my destiny, nothin would step in my path
    That i'm the best, always first neva 2nd to last
    I was givin a 2nd chance, caught a rep in advance
    Cept i'm only old enough to be wettin my pants
    beat death with my hands, no mo sweatin da plan
    trampled my first struggle, ev one clappin they hands
    New york new york, yo it made my heart
    Got raw, hard, ill, chill, it made me smart
    the struggle aint a movie, but I played my part
    very well, our fairy tales aint for the faint at heart
    I've been thru it all, seen shit ya couldnt believe
    Been thru the wall, felt like i couldnt acheive
    It was either murder, theivin, bleedin, ball or sellin weed
    Thats why in my eyes, I tried actin so differently
    Violence, wildin, cryin its part of the air i breathed
    Queens baby, its crazy, it made a man of me
    my energy would rapidly drain the craziest thangs
    Lucy jumped in front of a train, n splattered her brains
    It ripped my heart n soul it made me think of my life
    How a wrong move, can change it in a blink of an eye
    I've seen twisted fate, I've seen twisted ends
    I've seen twisted hate, I've seen twisted friends
    I've twisted my soul, twisted my heart
    twisted my brain baby till it broke apart
    twisted rhymes and lines to provoke ya thoughts
    twisted dimes wit minds and broken they hearts
    i'm hopin i can open my spark
    but i ain't jokin my throat be chokin alot
    but now i'm a betta man, wit a better plan
    want a lovely life, flooded wit ice
    n take my wife to a betta land
    i want this forever man
    but usually the greatest things in life are neva planned
    life comes life goes ya can be off it in
    its past its fast like a new york minute
    leave a legacy don't fade to black
    no regrets, even god can't change the past
    I've seen twisted lies, thru some twisted minds
    I've seen twisted lives, thru my twisted eyes
    I twisted my sight, I twisted my life
    But I was gifted right?, so I'm twistin da mic
    One mic, one dream, one pipe one fiend
    one life, one king, one man wondering
    Whats i like to fail, will the light prevail
    To live is to suffer, so life is hell
    Reach for the clouds, reach for the stars
    Reach for that clout, don't reach for the bars
    blood drips from my pen, yet again, from the light high in the sky i descend
    First time...I inhaled the smoke, i started coughin
    Started to choke, saw a vision, swimmin in a coffin
    Dead zombies, the dead want me, feelin haunt me
    Demonic whispers taunt me, angels tried to warn me
    I feel it, I mean it, blood i need it, steps repeated
    Go long, go strong, like strands on a double helix
    Damn son..wtf is going on, too much smoke
    Mental overdose, ayo i'm gone
    I'm lost in a twisted place, a man wit a cryptic grace
    Woman wit a vivid face, i come from a gifted race
    River flows, I love the sound, shiver foes, i'm above the clouds
    Spit that real shit, even numb minds can feel this
    Till when, shit is timeless, cats is mindless, snakes n fakes is spineless
    My ink spills when I think ill, leave you twitchin
    Words blurr obsurd then you see a vision
    Lyrics reflect me perfectly correctly thoughts especially
    My journals inferno is eternal internal, even if it fades
    n greys on the external
    you heard tho, my presence brings a spiritual miracle essence
    Only see a part like da moon in the dark showin its crescent

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    That's was ok it not killaarmy type shit but it good.One thing snice you a rapper that been in the game so long how fuck I can get..........the rhythm with biger barz you wirting in.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Mattlocka View Post
    That's was ok it not killaarmy type shit but it good.One thing snice you a rapper that been in the game so long how fuck I can get..........the rhythm with biger barz you wirting in.

    thanks bro...man its cuz i speed up/slow down wit my flow constantly...and i write the whole bar as one even if its split into 2/3...no worries always on beat, but when ppl read they alwasy ask me that q haha

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