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Thread: A Comparison of Eastern Spirituality and Western Religion

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    Christianity is eastern too

    western religion is humanism

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    Quote Originally Posted by blackwisdom View Post
    If I may interject at this point. The aboriginal Africans/Indians (Dravidians), etc knew that their essence was/is God. When we take off all of out coats and clothes (garbage in our minds) we reveal our true flesh. Our true flesh is the nothingness that is our origin. From that nothingness we pull all knowledge and wisdom. Once we've reached that state we no longer have to read someone else's words to deduce the "truth." We pull it from the source.

    GW could never accomplish this seeing that he has (and more than likely will) never cultivate his spirit. Therefore he can not be a good sounding board for this example of intuiting knowledge (not information) and wisdom.

    When we operate in our base/animal nature, we are outside of the reach of our divine essence. Once I reach a certain level in my spiritual cultivation I would love to begin to delve into the science of the brain (from a "right" hemisphere paradigm).

    Good arguments. Again the different schools of thought may not coincide but it's good for both side's growth.
    I think this relates to the old Lakota tradition of giving up all physical possessions, including clothes, to mourn in the loss of a loved one (specifically a child, I could be confusing this with something else).

    Also, the literal English translation, for the English word ring is "to trash your finger"

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    Bump. This is a good thread.

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