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Thread: Me, Myself And I (a Track Going On My Up Coming Mixtape)

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    Default Me, Myself And I (a Track Going On My Up Coming Mixtape)

    Spit cha dizzy lyrical info foísho
    My flow goes on & on like a roller coaster/
    I ainít supposed to go postal Iím all local
    Check the stats I back pack through my city/
    Wit little interference unless Iím jobless
    I gotta fill out applications applying for positions
    Below my disposition so I can get the position/
    Iím roasting these emcees
    Like coffee so donít test me/
    Iím extra large check the charges on my visa card
    Now we can either exchange things or we can barter/
    Iím a marker dark hazard blast these automatics
    Without all the static I rather bag her than shag her/
    I smacked that ass without getting slapped
    But I ainít no babe magnet Iím just a emcee wit static/
    Give me the daredevil eye glasses Iíll get way past eím
    Jab eím in the stomach and watch eím plummet/
    I attend these summits wit intentions of recognition
    Now Iím spitting these lyrics like severe inquisition/
    If you got the written then follow along and listen
    To when I rip it and target these bogus emcees and their gimmicks/
    Iím way past the speed limit give me a minute or too
    Iím viewed by the rest as a speed demon by the way I be writing/
    Now that Iíve high lighted their attributes its time I give you my views
    Skew those demos on the barbeque so we donít have to hear there demos/
    And if you donít know what Iím talking about refer to the Quasimoto album
    The further adventures of lord Quas track 13 for further instructions on
    What I mean/

    This isnít just another lyricist
    I donít have to claim to be an emcee
    I donít have to claim to be a d-boy
    I donít have to claim to be trapper
    I donít have to claim to be anything
    But me, myself and IÖÖÖÖÖ

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    You have a rhyme pattern reminiscent to Common with how every lines dosen't neccesarily rhyme, but they still hit with impact.
    i'd like to hear this recorded stay up!

    My evidence, my own testament, written on wood
    Twelve tribes layin at the head of corners in hoods
    Hell razah

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    The Wordplay Is Ill!

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