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Thread: Open- 50 bar battle

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    I kill quick, like dangerous wild cats in the jungle,
    Cut throats with sharp teeth and before we rumble,
    tumble you down and clown your whole fam and crew.
    I ponder in my throne with deep thoughts to brew
    Fuck you, Im ghostly, ghastly you see
    Im smoke when you pass glasses of henessee,
    drink your shit, fuck your bitch, steal your cash
    fuck with me I wrap you up, and smoke you like hash
    Be rational bitch, I cut you up quick
    Im like snakes, instead of eyes I have slits,
    direct hits and jaw tap all other players
    slash with energy like jedi light sabers.
    You motherfuckers think you can play this shit online
    but I reap lives like god the heavenly devine
    This shits easy, its like you've been nappin and snoozin
    when you rap, typin on the comp that your mommas been using.
    I've been abusing this shit, beginning day one
    I blast rats with gats until your families done,
    You shunned, because your crew, knows you a pussy,
    Im a veteran underground while your just a rookie.
    Im hard like tookie, I started this shit,
    but no one knows since Im a phantom ghost who spits.
    A menace to the presence of bitches like you
    I chew you out, and spit you back like bad food.
    Your rude, but you cannot back up your claims
    thinking some day you make it, glory and fame
    I came to tell you little man, it'll never occur
    I pet your bitches pussy hard till it meows and purrs.
    But shit I got respect, for the folks who rhyme
    because shit stings like acid sprays of lime
    every time I flow, I remember the prose
    of wu and the killa bees that I intend to know
    Never the less, what the fuck your names bad boy T,
    who the fuck you trying to be, puff daddy?
    Sadly you make rhymes, that are no where close
    while p did's rhymes are simple, stupid at most.
    yeah I boast and brag, but you ugly like hags
    whos tits are so old they get lumpy and sag.
    And I dont need to do shit about skell's rap deposit,
    T's right, hes like gay skeletons, stuck in the closet.
    Yeah I brought it, Im locally known
    you fools retarded, I internationally own
    My flows restarted, simple and yes,
    they hard so they blast holes into your chest.
    dome from the hotties, totin a shotty,
    I left frag grenades to explode in your body
    Yeah your figurative language is nice and alright
    but the shits overloaded, dont live up to the hype,
    and this is what I get, a blank fuckin check
    for some metaphorical shit, that sounds like beck?
    Heck, I intend to destroy, delay, and wreck health
    Im a fucking Phantom, I cut your throat with stealth.

    When reading note that the comma's in a single bar are for pauses.
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