Any Wu-tang corp fans wanna battle then let's go

Bring it on

My flames are hotter than an inferno with a ring of fire
Busting chains and whips eternal line up of shock bring the live wire
Walk on water like the messiah I crumble your fortress
Bullets ripping the streets fire like motars
I'm coming in the game until it's over
Game over for a soldier who was given the cold shoulder
The pestilence streets infested in the best hood
Killa beez can't be arrested and fucked up like Tim Westwood
I don't need to try my style comes naturally
Blacking out you soldiers in a brand new strategy
Soldiers needing medics turned into casualties
I slide in recomprimising just casualy
5o cent fucked up bullets smashed his chest
One popped in his mouth past his vest
My flava is wild don't touch my style
My freestyle compile bust a shell
And your like well! how's your style
Say one more thing and your be thrown in a cell in juevinell
Call him the ghost snatcher top hatter big rapper
The most rapture cats scatter gats shatter
Fire below the recomended level
Kid push the pedal Big Ben takes the medal
Slug shot in his right rib
Chains tightning if you in the neighbour hood make sure you in the right crib
He fights bloods and crips writes a cuss and diss
He's a true ledgend can't be a myth
He is unknown to you underanked kids