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Thread: police, thieves and a sista

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    Default police, thieves and a sista

    police, thieves and a sista

    "...“I am your Brother. Your hurt is my hurt. It doesn’t make any difference to me what religion you believe in. As long as you are a Black man or a member of the darker people, you and I are Brothers and your hurt is my hurt. How many years have you been frightened into keeping your mouth?...-- hon mins louis farrakhan quoting hon elijah muhammad -- "come out of her my people -Part 2"


    just to let you know... this morning, 45mins before we commemorated
    those who died for colonialism and imperialism, i was walking to work
    when i sa 2 officers surrounding a sista in the parking lot in our
    hood just in front of the fairways grocery store. i stopped and
    approached to observe. she had been accosted by another woman who then
    assaulted her and broke her cell phone. the woman had insulted her mother. the young sistas had siad that she didn't even know this woman nor had this woman known her mother. the sista was standing up for her fam. the police took no names of the witnesses who came to the defense o0f the young sista and let the other person go. they told me step away and
    go about my business when i asked the sis what had happened and i
    refused. the sista was trying to press charges because her cell phone
    was broken. all they offered her was this;

    1. we could take you both down to station and finger print you and
    take your photo and you will have permanent record. then you can go
    before the judge and state your case-- however, you would still have a
    permanent record-- you wouldn't want that? or

    2. you can walk away and ignore this person

    standard victoria police procedure when nonwhites and the poor are
    victims of crime.

    then they asked the sista if she wanted to be dropped off anywhere --
    they would give her a ride -- in the back of their paddy wagon -- i
    told her not to do this. this is when one constibale told me to go
    away again. i said i had to right to observe them intheir duties by

    he smirked and said 'oh yaeh by law?' and i responded with "unless you
    want to arrest me for observing you in your duties and caring about my
    sista." he smirked again.

    they then offered, as an after thought, because she was insistent, the
    case number -- which they refused to write down. they just said --
    'hey remember this number'. i said they should give her a pen -- they
    refused. they also refused to give her the standard police card with
    their names and case number written down. the sis pulled a pen out
    and took the number.

    they asked again about the ride b.u.t. the sista refused the offer.
    the sista was now late for work and went home to talk to her mother.

    if we don't watch out for each other who will?

    it would have looked like she had been arrested to the general public

    ...and who knows what would have happened to her if she had gotten
    into the back of paddy wagon with to strange men.

    "...Now, if it’s a prescription, then if the Justice Department doesn’t reign in these police that are killing us like this; if the local authorities don’t see that injustice is stopped... You killed an old, Black woman here in Atlanta and you said she shot at you. You killed her, but where’s the penalty?...It would be better to commit suicide than to continue to live under the very shadow of death from your evil hand. Do you want me, as the voice of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad, and really, a voice of God, to ask our people to retaliate in matters of the slain, a life for a life? Is that what you’re driving us to? Do you want your country to go up in smoke? Do you want us to call for our 400,000 Black men and women that are serving in the Armed Forces of America to come out and come home, for our fight is in America with the evil forces of racism? ... You better leave the people of God alone! I have heard the Honorable Elijah Muhammad say, “They won’t kill no more than 300 of us and God will kill all of them!” I’ve got 300 in here right now, ready to die to bring it on!" -- ?...-- hon mins louis farrakhan -- "come out of her my people -Part 2"


    just in case you didn't know



    die for the people



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