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Thread: GHOSTFACE's fucked up albums

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    Default Re: GHOSTFACE's fucked up albums

    The missing track thats not on the 16 track version of Ironman is "Soul Controller"
    Its supposed 2 come on after
    'All That I Got Is U",I know because i bought it in november(again)because my original version is scratched the fuck up,and it didnt have it on it...........was kinda upset...no wonder i paid $10. 4 it!!!

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    Default Re: GHOSTFACE's fucked up albums

    Man.. Why did they take off "Soul Controller"?? that song is the shiiiit.

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    Default Re: GHOSTFACE's fucked up albums

    My Ironman doesnt have Soul Controller

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    Default Re: GHOSTFACE's fucked up albums

    i got a 1st week pressed Ironman, my bro bought it when it first came out, and last year he past it down to me :P

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    Default Re: GHOSTFACE's fucked up albums

    Quote Originally Posted by ShaolinDarts
    Is this remastered as well?
    nope it aint reamstered.........they just had to get rid of SOUL CONTROLLER due to sample problems

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