i spit darts hit you in ya heart wit five kunai knives
rip you aparts like sharks what drives you to survive yo mind been control by the sirens
i got the andromeda chain wrap it around yo brain
shackle yo arm and legs and drag you thru da grain
psychotic my soul reflects what it has saw i hope more people will keep it raw
cuz i enjoy launching uppercuts thru yo guard towards the jaw
i cant help but to break laws my god image is similar to skelators
ayo we can battle it like monks in dragonforce wit two mages you take ice i'll take fire
and let the elements transpire
most mc's fear no man but God i fear creeping things when i look em in the eye
its like my ancient past felt the wrath of the demi staff that blast continents in half
and shift poles twist the spine of atlus into a axis
when things get drastic i manhunt with plastic the microphone always lead me to clashes
its sorta like death except with wack mc flashes
they got spears wit no lyrics everytime they throw em its flys off the pages
and strikes they're spirits
ayo pass the tonics and mega elixars yuna tifa Aerith i think you get the picture
i follow the north star right between my eye sockets third eye or not the vanity
quote can it be so simple
rza index finger holdin his one temple
its heiroglyphic to me like egyption writing a superstious sighting of Intuition
knowledge wisdom understanding thru visions and deadly melody's
i walk earth like i'm prescribe to kick ass whenver some shit burst
worst comes to worst its like cody and guy inside rival turf
with da beats from the street sure to unleash the beast
give you an infinite amount of cops wit rocket propelled grenades
freeze all yo enemy and explode the scene
i side scroll in 2d towards the east so come clean
evolve into 5 dimensional beings
and smoke izm then teleport like the theory of stings