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What's up paradox just a little battle rap check it

on entrance I perform poetic pestilence, poison your brain each sentence
my flows show excellence diabolically designed to drain your intelligence
i was heaven sent and never hesitant to use you in my insane experiments
im the shit, you just excrement that I be breaking down to basic elements
spit raps that smack you back into relapse and collapse ya home residence
your styles about as popular as a gas price rise of twenty seven cents
i stand delivering syllable ridicules that switch your vital signs to critical
making riddles steadily killing this fool with my subliminal lyrical miracles
your in the ring with a word wizard spittin’ wisdom with surgeon precision
making an incision ripping your shit out the system cos when I listen
to the shit you spittin’ all I see is a lack of grey matter, not a rapper
cos the fact of the matter is my brain swagger stab a emcee like a dagger
good verse J.T.S...heres the reverse attack -

A'yo I Inflate then instigate ya rhymes and await the comeback
But ya never came cos ya lame but ma brain's lyrically waxed
Switchback'in cats who be messing with my flow
My persona's aglow in this dim lit show
I endevour to jump up and smash up ya set
I'll agent orange ya mind like a viet war vets
So lets inject some unpleasantness into this battle
I dismantle ya armour like a scholar's burrning candle

And from a different angle, is where i hail from
Where the norm is knife killing, the blade method son
So dont pretend, yer tougher than me
Lyrical ice torpedoes make ya vocal chords freeze
And then i bust a move thinking that i'm jet li
Blowing vault's open with my verbal mic assault
Now step apart from the art cos yer wide of the mark
This is the example, that ya follow when you embark...