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Thread: Fermex Lyrical Notebook Thread

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    Fuck this, lets get more ridiculously raw:

    Freestyle to Big Shug - Official


    Ayo I blabber and jab a nigga, for a minor matter
    Bugz scatters when the blood splatters, you get fried & battered
    This is notorious interwebz area son, You get done
    Digitally shot directly from my motherboard gun

    Fuck shit and duck shit when shit begins to fly quick
    Snookerball socks, heads cracked with pool sticks
    Meth told me to stick em to it raw
    So i stick my dick in a frozen chicken before it thaws

    I slugged & bugged out before I took the plug out
    Jumping about with clout while you rub one out
    Ayo the humdrum listen for the drum with numb heads
    But i listen to yer girls pussy farts when she spreads her legs

    Listen squire, You possibly could'nt aspire
    To acquire the kinda rhymes I send down the wire
    And while my style flourishes and grows higher
    I leave yer tinder-rhymes looking like a burnt out Aussie fire

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