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Thread: Fermex Lyrical Notebook Thread

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    yo, whatup.......yo got the ill wordplay a usual..

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    Super trooper cooper superconscious flow
    Mega D burger hunting grunt fee fi foe
    You fucking kidding me like Jon McEnroe
    Switch like will before he dropped the nike air trill

    Hurricane rise, I surprise, these five centre guys
    Hit em right between their blind eyes
    With my T.O.L pen, rise through stages of hell
    Rap so well, Ya chumps can't tell

    Where my body dwells or my mind hails
    Might as well go back home cos ya fell
    Off the wagon, ya feet be dragging
    Yer hanging around with the lyrical dragon

    Look back on a JTS verse, creativity It serves
    Mic swerves put on reserve for your hearse
    Bedridden, your only gonna get worse
    Getting funky with a hunky male junky needle nurse

    Grab a 40 bag, spark up the lethal weed
    Every day of the week, this shit ain't for the weak
    Or skinny freak niggaz shuffling by their feet
    Ma bro sadiq, keeps me stoned wit no heat

    Hot tomaly sauce, I'm the holy broly boss
    Never engross most don't know why they lost
    The page on this mighty chapter grade
    If you'd just stayed, your head would'nt be so greyed

    Static erratic, no apparent damage like a rabid
    Demented rabbit, babbling scrabbling, tail waggling
    Matter of fact, swing the bat, strike the intellectual ball
    Mits fall when I maul em all

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    yo fermi love the lyrics man, keep penning those ill joints man

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    Cheers mang, keep on spitting your abstract poetry bro..

    heres some more lyrical madness for ya'll -

    Tiger strike brings insight connectin dots
    I'm the edinburgh rock, rocking wu joints from our blocks
    No threats, no disrespect, My sensors ditect
    Lazy cats who slept on the site and get wrecked
    With my blunt force, I raise paws and crack jaws
    Smack baws with claws, I got no remorse
    For dumb phreaks, Heads malkied to next week
    The bongs that I toke, will make ya lungs bleed

    Instigator, Suffleur, Mic decorator
    Arm leg leg arm head, say a prayer
    To your god, the man with the mighty rod
    Grey beard and balls like bombs that go off
    In yer face, Protect ya neck when you embrace
    Wu-tang slang, I'm calling out yer mans nostril vase
    I here to fuck with plans, knowledge cipher designs
    I duck cops that walk with thin blue shines

    Table length coke lines, niggaz snortin up their nose
    I compose my thoughts while phony MC's pose
    I rose from your wack ashes and crap raps kid
    Splashes of abstract poetry to ya grid
    This shit ain't on demand, But on point
    Five percenters, rucking L's to this killa bee joint
    A morman in the morning, this shit is dawning
    Kiffter kits up like kiff the knightrider horning

    Sing a rap, bust a nut, say no to mugs
    Fucking with drugs will get ya head fucked up
    Apart from weed cos it comes from the seed
    Of the tree of life, I smoke flourescent bongs with ice
    KP dropping BTSG,
    We rockin this joint from here to NY City
    I switch back like a switchsknife and ya lost the page
    You fucking with johhny cage on the streets of rage
    Montage cave design with ochre pens aid te mind

    Motoshita kanamara photo taker pishy
    Cushy mushy shushi, slicing faces like ishi
    The killer busting iller than mecha tech frogs
    Terraforming Germans, Photon remote clogs
    Up ya T.V, Ya never see me on yer screens
    Cos I'm hidden like a ninja, Up a tree
    My cannabi induced third eye, Opens up
    Then you see why I rhyme easily without a single drop

    Of stress, I have this blessed gift to spit with finesse
    Taking apart ya verse like taking pawns in Chess
    Rocky Rover King, five moves and game over
    Left yer face whiter than the white cliffs of dover
    Fuck around, the border surround your compound
    I compound niggaz skulls with verbal hitting sound
    Jew threw a Uey, taking money from the brewery
    She threw me like ghost throwing on his jewelry

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    All of the above was terrific, and horrific..

    My evidence, my own testament, written on wood
    Twelve tribes layin at the head of corners in hoods
    Hell razah

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    Ill joints, keep droppin knowledge on this site, gives me the want to keep writin

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    Yeah..same with the other threads on here exhibiting finesse..

    Flippin waffles, davie hassel hoff, pants horrid
    Jet set outta orbit I absorb morbid turtured
    Souls who stroll on death tolls death digging dirt
    Bodies can't keep up, corrupt the whole fucked church

    On stage and on page, on point with born rage
    Head splayed, uppercut like Johnny cage
    With John rambo, Johhny blaze tearing ya face
    Tempremental Mental oriental all up in ya place

    How the fuck I do it, I simply don't know
    Most MC's ain't messin wit my spectacular flow
    So fuck it, I sound american when i rap
    It's so you dumb yanks can understand my lyrical wax

    I lyrically tax wack brats wit clear facts
    Listen back and retract the darts stacking fat blacks
    Up like pawns, Cover every piece on the chessboard
    You could'nt decipher my code cos ya head'll explode

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    You crazy with it, and that sig's fire!

    Brutally basic, way sick, entering wastelands wasted
    Withered, and washed up, dehydrated writing well creations
    concepts classified like government created spacestations

    Jamming in the name of the lord with Jamacians
    my fast cars blazing through freeways, run through tolls ancient
    Trolls tasting bacon, worms in the blood aging
    Patient hospital hospitality, sexing nurses asian
    Facing the mirrior reflection broken, in the newport smoking
    Dimes giving me backrubs with baby lotion made me potent
    Violent volunteer drowning lifeguards in the ocean
    Water country flows wet ya'll in slow motion
    six flag gang banging, and rollercoasting
    Mail your body to the postman, stab wounds perculiar poking
    frosted wheat snatcher, supermarket robbery Ronan

    My evidence, my own testament, written on wood
    Twelve tribes layin at the head of corners in hoods
    Hell razah

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    ill wordplay Fermi and JTS
    ...Keep it up

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    Cool verses and cheers for the props..quick wordplay shiz -


    I freeflight on a single point of light
    Plight of man is dug in sand, heads recite
    Terrible imaginable poems, running over toes
    Cos we don't know em but i strike an inciteful pose
    I rose above crows on death rows leavin exposed
    Decomposed dukes of haz who have imposed their weak flows
    I smoke a blunt, grunt like a cunt, the popular front
    Acrobatic stunts, pyromatic jumps up yer gums
    The humdrum mud gun, spud dug and jog on
    Up the stairs, in pairs, where's the reserves kept
    Freeze on the hip, switch willy ducking rich bitches in my wip
    Keep on dreaming of skiing out my scheme, lyrically equipped
    Fuck where I'm from cos I'm sticking out my neck
    Never respect phony ego motherfuckers polishing the deck
    Outset, spec wreck, carswept for 2 tets
    Swing out in clear tennis full love and all sets, next

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    Ayo i be flippin it, trippin it hopping and a skipping it
    Missing links like chinks missing sinks, they dripping it
    I cop jewels like i drop fools on stools
    Break rules in schools of thought, Geeh Ohh Deez accruals

    I sever heads whenever evil thoughts deploy
    The scottish rapper with a stronger hearted voice
    Artistic mystic ballistic armoured tanks
    Tearing up yer cities and folding up yer ranks

    Carry on like cabbie cappa don, make a song
    Blast on and on wit freestyles that come strong
    Slap a bitch with my thick ass dong
    Ayo this wack MC style is kinda catching on

    I breeze through blocks and freeze at no cops
    props goes out to all my hip hop jocks
    Coppin heavy leaded verbs corner kerbs smoking herbs
    My head has been around the world and it hurts

    Individual residual partially medicated
    Head inflated then deflated lead balloon thats unstated
    Conjugated and desecrated, It's non-related
    Position's reinstated, I'm always underrated

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    I attack cats with tacks, verses tackle tracks, akward flying axe through acts
    Brand new verbal views melt the wack, wax off the wall smack
    Belts black, status master, 3rd degree grappling grappler
    degrees damage emcee's steez to debris, they suck while i succeed
    give me space, as i rob homebase, with unmatched speed
    Simmity Sam slam your fam, they fall in graves deep
    still digging for diamonds, and artifacts, while theyr'e imprisoned
    Tunnel vison, pistol whip whifey like pun if guns are missing
    Crimsom wounds, goons living catch everlasting whippings
    Strippers i'm stripping but never tipping, slim pimping
    slim thug killer, on the realer spitting
    Tree trimming, dutch splitting splitter
    Backslapping bull shitters rocking bandanas decorated with glitter
    Highway enemy sniper, Dodge the shots flying out the Viper
    Entice a chicken head on my cock religon, nut on the curtain wiper
    close cipher, open tiger style subliminal striker
    Verses get in em like a con dropping the soap at Rikers

    My evidence, my own testament, written on wood
    Twelve tribes layin at the head of corners in hoods
    Hell razah

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    Ayo, i come with the sharp darts, targetting yer heart
    Split apart micrological non-logical counterparts
    Into divisions, I enliven the metaphorical guise
    I surprise ya'll and make you think twice, open yer eyes
    Bring the steel, choppin gaps of air straight through yer frame
    It's hard to maintain this exquisette superior rap game
    Switch names, flip grains, talk in code, melt brains
    Empty ego's and it's your empty shell that remains

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    Freestyle to - Mobb Deep & Big Noyd - Give Up The Goods Instrumental

    Ayo, It's my first verse after the new sun year

    With a few new gears and my full head clear
    But my minds clouded from the sunny honey dust
    Weed smoke gusts up my lungs til they 'bout to bust

    Ayo I been gone a while, Hiding out like 'Style'
    International espionage, profile versatile
    Soak up the Hip-Hop funk, perform a uber-dunk
    While ya light weights are drunk, try'na grab my junk

    I debunk ya scollz and roll ya flat out
    Honoury field marksmen, thats what I'm about
    Taking pot shots and yer spot dawg, You lost on
    The first step, Thinking your awake on the game but ya slept

    When I delay yer mental train and state and make ya lose yer place
    Your detrimental to the black race, your histories erased
    But don't fear, I'm always near, so you queers can always cheer
    Cos i might not see ya niggaz for another year

    peace gawds

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