Jay-Z has hit out at those calling for controversial hip-hop lyrics to be censored in the aftermath of U.S. radio show host Don Imus' racist remark, insisting the incident had nothing to do with rap music.

The star - real name Shawn Carter - was upset hip-hop was the only art-form targeted after Imus was axed from CBS Radio in April (07) for calling the mostly-black Rutgers University Women's Basketball Team "nappy-headed hos" on-air.

Jay-Z tells U.S. publication Blender, "I don't have a problem talking about censorship. If we're gonna talk about it with movies, if we're gonna talk about it with video games, if we're gonna talk about it with all the pornography sites that are bigger than hip-hop, then I'm cool with people talking about it with hip-hop. "But to single out hip-hop and pull us into the ring with Don Imus, that's wrong. It wasn't dealing with the real issue. "What Don Imus said was racist. It wasn't about censorship, and it wasn't about free speech. And it wasn't about rap's influence, because Don Imus is not influenced by rappers. He's not a fan of rap."