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Thread: Announcing Tupac's Death: T.R.O.Y.

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    Default Announcing Tupac's Death: T.R.O.Y.

    Some folks at MTV uncovered this video recently of Ed Lover announcing Tupac's death at a '96 Nas concert at Nassau Coliseum. It got us moved...and thinking.

    MTV.Com had this quote from Ed about the video footage:

    "It was during a back-to-school concert at Nassau Coliseum. I don't remember who was on the bill, but I believe Nas was headlining. At the time I was working at Hot 97. I was driving to the concert and Angie [Martinez] was on the air crying because it was confirmed Tupac had died. When I arrived to the show, somebody on the side of the stage got Nas' attention, and he talked to me between two songs.

    "I told him what was going on. He said, 'I can't make the announcement, you make the announcement.' I thought that was one of the most humane things an artist could have done for another artist. At the time there were rumors that Tupac would be dissing Nas on the Makaveli album, and 'Pac had said things about him that weren't the most flattering. Nas said, 'This dude was an icon, and he just died. Let's make the announcement.' For him to do that in the middle of the show, I thought that showed a lot of class."

    Do you remember where you were when you heard the news 'Pac had passed on?

    Props to Nas.

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    ya thats crazy, i saw the video of this earlier today.

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