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Thread: Psychotic freestyle area

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    Default Re: Psychotic freestyle area

    I gut motherfuckers, chop them into pieces,
    I even bring the ruckus, to your motherfuckin' nieces,
    sever corpses heads and keep them in my freezer,
    I'm like fucken Dahmer, a real psychotic teaser,
    got a barrel full of acid, where flesh is disolved,
    you think that's tragic? you should see what I did to noel!
    it's like motherfuckin' magic, to see bloody heads roll,
    down the bowling lane, as I kick another goal,
    shit never gets old, fuck it, I live for this,
    guzzle on your blood after I split your wig,
    puzzles are made out of chopped up kids,
    a head in my closet, and a leg in the bin,
    I sacrifice lives to feed the demon within,
    I back up twice to leave your body with skid-
    marks, darts, left in various body parts,
    got this murdering shit down to a fine art,
    Mack always departs with the last laugh,
    so much class, I wear a bib when I chew hearts,
    tear flesh apart, to work out my muscles,
    bust nuts on the carpet, even as the blood spills,
    guts make up my yearly harvest, kill for the thrill,
    it's all over when I open your head with a drill.
    Don't even try to step to this......biatchhhhhh!!!!!

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    Default Re: Psychotic freestyle area

    that's what the fuck i'm talkin' about murderous mack/
    i crack backs/ shove the barrel of a gun up an ass crack/
    i garuantee it'LL make you shit like a laxative/
    i kiLL in different ways like a chameleon i'm adaptative
    smash your upper apparatus , i murder in fashion/
    enslave you and pay you by rations/ like your hard drive
    your life i am crashin/ like warcloud i'LL open the back
    of your head like a cabinet , examine your brain to find
    out why your IQ is below average/ average fools stiLL
    get kilt without breakin a sweat/ bury you up to your neck
    and run your head a over wit a lowered vette/ like goldberg
    who's next? we're boxing son i'm king kong and you're T-Rex

    OmO < Idiom

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    Default Re: Psychotic freestyle area

    Mack back on another killing spree,
    swing so hard I could knock down trees,
    personal greed cos I feed of tragedy,
    my finger's on the trigger and I won't hesitate to sqeeze,
    so bitch hurry up and get on your fucken knees!
    I keep a tally greater then the aids disease,
    have kids begging me "PLEASE, PLEASE!",
    Fuck that, rub that face in the dirt,
    a sadist, so I make the shit hurt,
    Mack, show mercy? THAT'S FUCKEN ABSURD!!!
    light your ass on fire cos you're a fucken herb,
    drowned my shrink in a sink full of ink cos she told me I'm disturbed,
    made my sister drink a bottle full of turps,
    lit her up, and had a wank while she burned,
    Mack keeps killing as long as the earth turns.
    Don't even try to step to this......biatchhhhhh!!!!!

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    Default Re: Psychotic freestyle area

    ^^^ not you, so who then?

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    Default Re: Psychotic freestyle area

    As the blood curdles under the morning sun daylight exposes a murderers nightly fun
    intestines and innerds knotted in a mess a sick wicked wench takes in deep breathes,
    a bum lyes sleeping in booze and human waste his future was once bright but a bottle changed his fate
    pedophiles prey on children of neglect as a child walks home they never did suspect,
    a mother ponders why is her child late as her innocent child was taken broken and raped,
    a vultures keen sense to circle a wounded life as unbearable pain ensues the creature slowly dies,
    eaten while still alive gasping for air inhaling flies as death gives back to those that still strive…

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    Default Re: Psychotic freestyle area

    never slept longer than 10, my words a perfect noose, man
    diggin in the bin, harvest moons corrupt me wolf, man
    silent night silos size up burnt down the pyros
    sniff a nine ball, split eyeball freefall, in a wicked spiral
    so unlatch my unmatched energy
    study works of common metalurgy
    then i melt ya mind to mine, like plastics reactin to intense burning
    my styles a new wave of unwritten sonic hog hedgin
    and i use multiple lines as form of scripted weapons
    no time for half steppin, back stratch catch a blessin
    for these rap cats, out here testin my rap profession
    only new to the vocal chord, i lord, transport
    ya surfboard to catch my tidal wave splatter heads out in gulfport
    eat up bedpost headboards, knees rattle stretch more birf canals than a newborn
    and im gone...

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    Default Re: Psychotic freestyle area

    Took nap's that lasted longer than weak metal crafted to make mc's plaid armor, 5 deadly venomous vipers broke the steal to attack the blind snake charmer. Poison was spit and landed in explosive ounces, claws left open with the innocent left hope'n for a swift strike when the tiger pounces. 40 oz.'s shattered like your 9 lyrical lines, call you mel gibson cause I saw you running from the crop field's full of Wu Tang signs.
    "white crane style"

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    Default Re: Psychotic freestyle area

    go head wif your battle axe, thinkin you can match attacks
    boy, ill split an eyelash, swift sword spit on tracks
    head to head collisions, ya poison fell off in 2 divisions
    my armor deflected missiles ya shot off ya mouth was whistlin
    and im still here reppin, ill show ya ass half the passion
    ima mad max, bring the thunder to ya dome
    drug you up like mad hat, show yo blunders in my pome
    yeah, its like a cyclone, tear you up in directions unknown
    dance on ya, my mantis stance, prance depart ya
    challenge author and youll end up blood on shiny armor
    so take this and hope you never size up heavyweights
    cuz when you do, all hope is lost, damn, im steady great...

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    Default Re: Psychotic freestyle area

    My Insane Mentality Kills U / While U Refrain From Reality/

    Glock Bangs The Casulty/knives And Ak's/kill Wives And All Gays/

    I'll Pay Later For Hate Crimes/like A Racist Nazi/but Hating Blacks Is Not Me/

    Creating Vast Monoplopy's/like Dual World Pwers Anglo American And Usa In One/

    Look At These Cowards Dangling Gunz We All Should Invest In One/

    Blank Out Off Vicodans And Oxycotins 2 Fifths Of 100 Proof/

    Then 200 Hundred Scoops In Poof/500 Degrees In The Booth/dismember Body Parts When The Shotty Sparks/

    Then Push Em Down Van Dyke In A Cart/wit Wig On Ducking The Law Then Go Back Later Wit A Ice Pick For His Brother In Law/

    Catch Yo Earth And Erase Her Face Blow Up The Whole Scene The Eradicate The Place/

    Find Yo Bm Dick Her Down Then Spin Her Round Doggy Style/
    She Loves Froggy Style/

    Tone Torch Daddy Wanna Floss In That Eldorado/i'll Torch Yo' Caddie/
    Flame For Saliva/ Torture The Survivor/ I'm Sick Of It All

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    Default Re: Psychotic freestyle area

    Dilated pupils eyes wider in all dimensions/
    Bastard children recieve they parents Pensions/
    Blowin it all away on crack causin more epidemic/
    Parents waste their money hopin they children recieve proper academic/
    Courses imparted in a series of class meetings/
    Off comes the belt for the poor child, innocent takes the beatings/
    The fathers drunk, Handin down repeated consistant blows/
    Shattered jaw growing up fear of lovin another cept the one who broke his nose/
    The Cycle repeating now hes handin down the exact same fate/
    Son holdin a gun to his fathers head, thoughts sway as he contemplates/
    Should he end it? Blow this ma fuckers face into the wall?/
    Ill leave it for the next rhymer to conclude, so its ur call/
    Walk In My Shoes, Hurt Ya Feet, Then Yall Gone Know Why I Do Dirt In The Street.

    "Shorty gimme more a u, ill take on 4 of u, plus 44 of the 48 laws for u"

    "The Future is a mystery, the past is history, today is a
    gift thats why its called the present"

    Um on 7 Mile Ridin fuckin Dirty

    Cass Corridor as well punk


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    Default Re: Psychotic freestyle area

    the worlds wretched ways warriors walk in a daze,
    protagonist partial plays policies politically prey,
    on our children of today trained to murder and rape,
    religious relics reign as the worshippers pray,
    looking up in vain hoping to ease the pain,
    as disease and shame cover the lands we stain,
    with the blood and remains of our chidren with washed brains...

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    Default Re: Psychotic freestyle area

    "Live from IraQ" is the best shit on the Rack...
    Have you wanting to bring our soldiers Back....
    Saunders did what is necessary .....to bring the scary...
    Understanding war is very damn Hairy....
    Like a fingertrigger of a Sniper Buried...
    In the brush ready to bring the Rush ...
    of the heart Collapse..Leaving Iraq laid out on the Flats....
    Yall being soldiers is out of the Question....
    Running around like Niggas in Fake Fatiques....
    Believe me one shot will have your dick between your Knees...

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    Default Re: Psychotic freestyle area

    Seeds deceived by what's perceived as tha truth
    American Dreams to them is rockin' a mic, or shooting a ball through a hoop
    Tha womens body makes loot , runway models, and rn'b singers n.w.o. prostitutes
    Institutionilized youth on the streets still feelin' imprisoned
    This isn't living when your not even giving a pot to piss in
    Big Willie niggas living it up off a mothers crack addiction
    tha future's vision is mankinds ending
    you phony niggas quit pretending to keep it real
    Record stores need fiction sections wit all these actors on tha reels

    My evidence, my own testament, written on wood
    Twelve tribes layin at the head of corners in hoods
    Hell razah

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    Default Re: Psychotic freestyle area

    heaven and hell false freedoms and jail
    the ocean and a whale laws made we bail,
    mayhem and order starvation and torture,
    gestating murders a circling vulture,
    birth and posessions premeditated sessions,
    excessive exceptions killing progressions,
    life and its lessons trife and it message...

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    Default Re: Psychotic freestyle area

    I can't be fucked changing accounts, so noel's gonna trounce,
    many deaths will be announced before I'm ready to bounce,
    my deadly reputaion brings fear to a whole town,
    give a bitch anal penetration while I'm beating her down,
    giving kids an education on how to sell a pound,
    never liked my family so now they're all underground,
    got my own backyard pool just to see my wife drown,
    simply had to off the fool when I caught her fucking around,
    always wanted a tan so I fried her corpse until it went brown,
    the sizzling of flesh is really such a sweet sound,
    when it's drizzling and wet I often feel depressed,
    and that's when I'm killing with no fuckin' regret,
    kick you so hard in the chest, it swells up like female breasts,
    only drink red wine cos it best compliments human flesh,
    I'm dropping bodies out my ass with all the people I digest,
    no one will ever top me, cos I'm a class above the rest.

    Check for my latest one man band hip hop songs here...


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