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Thread: Psychotic freestyle area

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    Question Re: Psychotic freestyle area

    Fiendish Thoughts Of Burial Plots/
    Devious Definition Of A Thug Who Hits Harder Than Rocks/
    Tremendous Applauds And Ovations To The Temple Of Darts/
    My Mind Is Complex But At The Same Time Simple As Arts/
    Sometimes Schemes Take Over Murder Death Kill/
    Avoiding Cops And Steps To Hell's Hill/
    Swinging The Reapers Sickle Destroying Tracks/
    Busting Gats And Distrubuting Cracks/
    And All Blacks Are Left Rewarded For Stupidty/
    But I'm Into Reading Things Of Knowledge Such As Euripites/
    Greek Philosphies/i'ma Start A Generation Of Rap That Most/abandoned/
    Not This New Generation Of Crap That Should Be/reprimanded/now I'm Jilted Cuz The I Drink Is Tilted/vision Bluurry/ Damn I'm Off Track Now To Get Back/the Reality Of Blacks Is Under Wraps That's Why Most On This Forum That Can Acutally Rap Will Be Left Under Wraps/who Wants To Hear That That What They Tell Me/ But Bling Bling Is What They Sell Me/ Trash Dunn/what Happened To Hell On Earth , Illmatic ,and 36 Chambers/

    Feed Back Please


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    Default Re: Psychotic freestyle area

    graves and dumpsters dead babies found in bags
    shallow lives of scags toes ready for tags,
    get eaten up in the beast mentally beaten up,
    mastecated tenderized smashed to syrup,
    tarantula gargantua monolithic states,
    hybernated digitized 1 and 0 fates,
    binary codes cold system hard drives infected,
    cut into sections manipulated then questioned,
    confessions from the guilty to a man in cloth,
    as he sits there listening his thoughts wander off,
    pedophiles permeate smelly rancid vats of fishy taste,
    they undulate and escape disguised and prey on faith...

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    Default Re: Psychotic freestyle area

    bigben.......you are fucking dope as shit.....
    "I gotcha back, but you best watch your front,
    cuz its the niggaz who front that be pullin stuntz."

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    Default Re: Psychotic freestyle area

    Names of tha slain decorate tha walls, as rain falls washing away tha blood where the seeds fall... it's all genocide when emotions inside become uncontrollable
    everyday it's kill or be killed in my hood tha po-lice enjoy tha show
    14 year old li'l girls they blow cock and cop s.t.d.'s
    Tha devil floods tha streets wit blow, heroine, and weed hoping tha population will decrease
    Tha violence will never cease as long as i see police brutality
    Ol' earth is proud to see her son become a man his father could never be
    Memories forever haunting me, friends who didn't live to see overcome tha thug mentality
    Reality is we all die until then my flow controls tha galaxcy

    My evidence, my own testament, written on wood
    Twelve tribes layin at the head of corners in hoods
    Hell razah

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    Default Re: Psychotic freestyle area

    weath or spirituality some gradually realise its a formality working nothing ever happening bank accounts tapped in lights on roaches scrambling top ramen was popping back then throw in an egg and hot sauce I'm in but we spin the wheel of fortune only to sin gamble all in against a system of fins in a ocean of sharks blood is smelled and bitten apart by a old bastard with a bad liver and a pace maker ticker old bastard slave masters blue blood colony crafters sodomy sackers labotomy hand me a protractor distract with disaster a puppet pulled faster crank yanker think tankers big banker collateral damage no brainer inebriate your neighbor alleviate you savior time official play maker clock manager skilled strategor shrills from my silent blows piles of the defeated grow faces kneaded like bread dough good night go to bed whoa!!!

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    Default Re: Psychotic freestyle area

    peel back the skin reptilian scales within slotted Iris written on scrolls from dried potted papyrus golden book tales of children baked in ovens transferred to parents who are appalled and don't love them shove them into sheets of cooked streets cracked pavement estrangement never known to like touch or even looks of compassion splashin white and yellow dashes red divide streets by blood bled or cripple walk through the blue yonder folks and brothers ponder if the deveil makes them wander stagger through back alleys holding daggers in black valleys to stab at white coat scientists who love to fill their labs experiment on those who only own their own skin and clothes even their minds are not kind to themselves shot up veins in vain wee them swell injected penis rush even love from Venus crushed ice in a mixed drink for blood stream fixed pink
    We are already dead, and are replaying our lives at the judgment.


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    Default Re: Psychotic freestyle area

    yo, i need to do an audio wit' one of ya'LL muh fuckas

    thas' whas up

    Hit me up if you're down

    OmO < Idiom

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