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Thread: Buddha Monk Special Report

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    Exclamation Buddha Monk Special Report

    Props to Chambermusik for the story once again...

    Buddha Monk has prodived us with a little update today. For over 10 years, word was that RZA produced "Don't You Know Pt. 2" from the O.D.B.E.P.; Buddha Monk just informed us that he actually produced it with his cousin Marcus Logan also known as North Star.

    In related news, Buddha Monk is going to release an upcoming DVD titled "Bomb Shelter". This DVD is based on everything involved in Buddha's life; the reason why Buddha has been kept on the low and what Buddha Monk is doing in today's world. Video footage of him performing live and in the studio, with in depth views of his past and his present thoughts. This DVD will be totally different than any other average DVD out there today. Fans, if you have imput or any questions towards Buddha Monk, be sure to let him know through the CHAMBERMUSIK Forum, as Buddha is very open to addressing anything for this DVD. More Info will be coming soon on CHAMBERMUSIK.

    Story by Intouch' and Cno Evil

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    zu fam is better

    In the ways of the world today
    It's so easy for us to stray away
    Trying to keep our mind from all the drugs and crime
    Material things keep us blind

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