Back in about 1989, there was a big controversy in the Boston area. A guy was taking his pregnant wife to the hospital. He wanted to go to one of the best hospitals around, and to get to this hospital, you have to go through a bad crime area called Fountain Hill. The police got call from the husband saying that a young black man had shot him and his wife. His wife and the baby ended up dying. The husband survived. The area of Boston was outraged. A bunch of white people got scared. The police went on a rampage, and started questioning and frisking any young black guy they saw in Fountain Hill. They went house to house and ransacked people's houses.

A black male became a suspect, and was arrested. Eventually, the husband's brother came forward and pinned the murder on his brother, and he had gotten rid of the murder weapon for him. The husband had shot his pregnant wife to get the $100,000 insurance policy. When the husband found out that hus brother had went to the police, he drove his new sports car to a bridge, and jumped off, killing himself. The people in Fountain Hill were in an uproar when they found out the the murderer was the husband, and not one of their own. What are your thoughts on racial profiling? Do you think it still happens as much nowadays as it used to? Should the mayor of Boston have been fired in this case, or at least disciplined?