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If it happens tomorrow I'm giving you reputation points.
Same here. I didn't even know people still gave out rep points. Doesn't really prove anything. But fuck them terrorists, bunch of fucking pussies. And if it does happen, I'm dropping out of college and joining the Army. Nobody nukes my fucking hood and expects to be chilling out in some fucking cave.

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Street gangs and nukes dont match well either.
Lol, true indeed.

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You dont have to smuggle the nukehead in, you just fly over with yo B52
You fucking tell me how they get can get hold of a B-52. Then explain to me how they will make it past the coast without being detected by our radar and our patrols that fly over the coast. And tell me how they won't be spotted by PT boats, Cruisers, Destroyers and Aircraft Carriers that are on patrol. Not to mention all the sattelites.