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Thread: Basic facts about Venezuela's referendum on constitutional change

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    Default Basic facts about Venezuela's referendum on constitutional change

    Backgrounder: Basic facts about Venezuela's referendum on constitutional change

    www.chinaview.cn 2007-12-02


    CARACAS, Dec. 2 (Xinhua) -- Venezuela is scheduled to hold a referendum on Sunday to decide whether to change 69 of the constitution's 350 articles.
    The following are some basic facts about the referendum.
    Over 16.1 million registered voters will go to 11,132 polling stations in the referendum.
    A total of 10,213 biometrics identification machines have been positioned together with indelible inking to prevent the possibility of double vote.
    Observers from about 40 countries will be able to travel throughout the country to monitor the electoral process.
    More than 150,000 trained people from the Armed Forces and the national reserve forces together with some 300,000 troops from other army units will join in the efforts to guarantee the security in the voting process.
    Some of the changes to the constitution to be put on the vote are:
    -- To reduce the official workday from eight hours to six hours.
    -- To change the minimum age for eligible voters from 18 to 16.
    -- To establish a fund to pay social security benefits for workers in the informal economy who make up about 45 percent of the country's total labor force.
    -- To raise the percentage of the electorate needed to petition for referendums.
    -- To lengthen the presidential terms from six years to seven years and eliminate terms limits.
    -- To call for popular participation in government "for the construction of a Socialist Democracy."
    -- To add three new classes of property to the current private and state property. They are social property, belonging to the people as a whole and may either be held on their behalf by the state or assigned to people of a determined area by the stat; collective property, which is assigned to a particular group; and mixed property, which would exist as combinations of social, collective, state and private property.
    -- To give the president the power, with the approval by the majority of the parliament, to establish federal territories, municipalities, provinces and cities.
    -- To prohibit foreign funding of associations with political aims.


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    Some of what is listed is major(good) and others(a few) may need more detail

    if this outline works for Venezuela and show improvement, this may be an example for other countries
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    funny how the foreign media portrayed this referendum as something Chavez the so called dictator was doing to implant his rule over the nation.

    i think Chavez is some kind of revolutionary, he has really improved venezeula's economy, he has stood up and said wat a lot of others would like to say. i admire him for his tough stance against america, and i was impressed at the way he took the spanish premier, and its king to school. bashing them for their part in the war in iraq.

    but this is jus my opinion from looking at chavev and venezuela from the outside. the ppl might not be happy with him. i wouldnt know.

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