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Thread: ABOVE'S "slaughter those" THREAD

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    yo bout write my shit or hit up when im really feelin it

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    he sits a the right hand of god on the front porch torch is lit hes the gift given driven from his world obsessed with sinning knowledge got the mind spinning steady tripping on life mad premonitions his ammunition younger bro the god a gun smith plus grill master his other bro his other half a straight killah yo the other one keeps us on the straight edge mad heart with a strong head the youngest one hes the don we must do what it takes to protect him thats five that completes the cycle coke and rum and a tobacco cigarette got me feeling it my wife she hold my son down sun up on my hustle shine and bubble fuck your troubles im christs priest design to beat the rath of beast great giants applying from brook nam to murdah val bitches need pen pals meet em on the bus in jail writing letters hope on the out i get her in the mean time its a mean grind on the street fuck theese cages and fuck theese devils take over governments cartel click bet ill endevour
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    still grind this is time money no choice but to be on point my seed hungry
    never that trees lovely and the sacks are fat think clever and thats a fact
    with hash slabs and bags of ice the cheddar stacks living that gangster life
    nothing nice when your living in hell dropping work mad weight to sell
    everybody rebels and becomes your enemy i try to put theese young'n on
    but all they do is hate even with food on they plate i see it in their face
    controled by the inner snake cold blooded who to blame the streets is flooded

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    apiritions appear necks get severed here
    check the master rhymes harmonic true
    transcendent through rhythmic electro
    magnetic waves radiant pure energy
    attonement to the mind and the physical
    diguised umongst the wolves check the
    thought pattering solidified light composed
    opposed get turn to carbon nonsense
    architype copies of the extremidies
    extreme remedies of the positive 100
    I be at the center like the galactic plane
    others are insane manipulated brains led
    to what theu are led believe stars plaides
    and orion yo im empowered whith all solar
    circumference radius cover milliniums kill
    sorceres cosmic clash like irridium dissintigrate
    back in your original elements when the suns
    turns black that all it is kid see im the god
    fuck with me i will send you back to your star

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    im in the cockpit of the rocket
    comense countdown to take off
    captain of the starship my life's
    a comet on a quest to conquer
    the improbable out my dream
    awoken to impose the word
    spoken of a war in the star light
    luminescense shine bright so you
    better get your mind right fuck
    your symbols and hand signs
    inclined a revealed destiny to
    manifest divinity on demagods

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    galactic plane sun spot clock stops watch the flayah
    none compayah to cosmic time master star gazer dots
    lazer articulated theories thoughts corrolated on the spot
    destroy the most profound thesis fuck ya string theory
    quantum physics cant articulate my fury artificial autonomies
    and false economies home grown from the finest vines eternal
    cosmology meet at the center if worthy killed in placentas maternal
    youth raised to beat the heat bred to evaporate the fake that hate
    cause they deal with emotion victimize those who failed to visualize snakes
    in the ocean of devilish men who claim the rite of god but not chosen
    unawoken stuck in a draem struck down by the steam of fire watah flowing
    streams of empowerment that shower down upon all none spared beware the quicken
    universal star god transcendant dark rift consume illumen cellestial rhyme spitten
    shine eternal check the journal fuck youre infernal hell is what you created for youreself
    blind and unable to see those that dont feel what is far or near abovemusik of the sphere

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    Yo helióspheric heat get touched sit down acting live roll you out a yo son keep point bout hit this god for driving without a license peace to the god who provide guidance handle minez ultra violence on auto pilot while you staying silent talk loud get hit up you stay quiet sound atomic at a higher frequency my conscience vibrate geo magnetic cme's disrupt yo anttenas
    fire ant above came to knock the conspiricy out the bee hive sybolics of a masonic divine innovation point out every camp of consentration box car railroad preminitions is now reality while the righteous seek survival techniques the elite prepare for mass extinction russia was created in new york american germanics mystery schools got you fooled all behavior derived from only two emotion love or fear new age occultizm built this prison you call freedom theosophical beliefs tax free join the coalition mothafukah take you under devil scared of the holiest above the chosen one fuck hey-zues and his band of wicthes eu un and freinds you dont want none street scholar gangster og so it was written carrying glocks techs and get blasted smitten blood so cold freeze hell grab you mitten who was the first spitten at ya vixxenz
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    Its the amplification of my thought corolation sundog put holes in yo corona storm solar mind controller of the global air burst like shirnovol hiroshima nagasaki rap kamakazi ground zero street scholar hero its war on you neonazi punk bitches infultrate the inner workings clockwork circle observing now everybody wanna hit up like they serving act like they merking
    i stay on the block slinging want the tickett give me a number just stay the fuck off my corners and wont be no trouble switch blades to screwdrivers autos to semi respect the fam
    or you holes dug hoes know not to trust a self made mf dont trust any fuck with me we dealing with money i got no aquaintances so dont try and befreind me get expired by the freindly fire burn down yo empire try n conspire hustle hard sweat perspired down my forhead
    suck the blood money out this world like a vampire kill a sire chop the head off your mesiah
    dire needs met every scrolle a gift inscribed in the temple of a true warrior southern california
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    The omnipotent unearthing lost scrolls took by this abyss of digital information age surveillence prevail life over the dark worshipers of light taking the head of lucifer fucking pussies far beyond your intelligence

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    Above 9/3/12 1:15

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    assertive confidence prominent above every providence
    elaborated civic ethics gangsterizm my civil duty storms eminate
    geomagnetic interstellastic schoolastics asiatic galactics
    aztec mathematics perfect chemistry at large combatant
    for the free will of the universe one hemisphere at a time
    emmerge triumphant converge harmonics sound the trumpets
    no remorse blatant force pound the toughest illuminatti skulls blugeoned
    mammilian thoughts assaults amphibious killah instincts of a reptilian
    sound off rowcall to the notes of an accordian atlantean mayan glyphs
    decipher war encrypted in my genetic code invades subterranian based aliens
    no glory in my logic only victory the rest is history original vibes of the lost tribes
    burning sun's tablets priceless as the summerian chosen one killah shadow allah university
    of the universe validictorian nano bots microchip micro dots anti matter in your grey area

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    the truth is hear in yo ear reapear in yo atmostfear leek message most sacred blesst it matha mati gifft ishh damm slamm i jam con template nothan im on it spliff lite if maybee yall see not the maybach bet tha simnplicitee electro magg negg tik but a fo sho third teen
    im on the scene bee back tomorrow

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    tomorrow might never b here ok day to day relay the message/quantum mechanical hoodlum particle physique/unique quota rolla halo over my head angelic/phonetic scroll in the art told/old only rejuvenates through time in the fourth/grows and wont stop is the vine taller/baller only because through rhyme exploit our cause what/front just cause you stuck in a rutt/mutt thinking need to get pure bread to get ahead/in life nothing sweet or nice specially if ya do not try/for the long run im here/in my heart hip hop always held most dear/

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    Default my flow go I shoot that ship I spit that shit

    I see theese hater faces everywhere but I aint tripping
    they're just blank faces push em out the way
    as I claim the spaces all around me
    paper been chasing me im glad as hell it finally found me
    Im a fountain of knowledge these other dudes spitting garbage
    im in a garden of money cabbage patch kid what competition
    go ahead and scratch that shit kilo-g heard me and snatched that kid
    up with the quickness I got 144 prisoners that bear witnessed ABOVE deliver
    the killah flow with the swiftness im so legitiment when im feeling it
    supreme confidence unstoppable son prodical top philosophical
    total devastation your effects marginal bodies they all choppable
    units increase my capitol trying to stop me you on a suicide
    mission impossible

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    Default Revolution

    .I cant abandon my ways I cant abolish my faith
    give up the dreams I chase I got to stay inspired
    even if its more motivation I desire
    reset the course I chart recalibrate mind spirit and heart
    to a stronger vibrational tone at a higher frequency range
    faster than a light particle as I write this article
    my mind state is unstoppable with these brain waves I generate
    to bust one off I never hesitate mein I chop stick turning bodies into chow-mein
    12 is my gage buck shot pennetrating your crane
    should of never let the lion out of his cage reptilian brain
    preying on you warm blooded mammilians mob style but these aint no sicilians

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