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Thread: ABOVE'S "slaughter those" THREAD

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    slap yourself on tha face everytime negative thoughts cross yo mind
    vicious vices lead to the sacrifices of countless souls
    walking dead the criterion cause of delirium
    to no avail prayers in vain lay witness to the most wicked
    cyborg cities ran by the mutant race that creates slaves for their global community
    power brokers of the old world occult false practices invoked
    spiritual leaders dressed in ritual garments
    reguard themselves as demagods performing mass sacrifices since the age of enlightenment sentient being supreme pontif raised on the cream team icewater
    when it comes to mics I rock shit mad plasma spilled over your parameter
    bully dog digest your cadaver seconds after I kill u bastards
    on the move make sure everything run smooth
    yall footloose duck duck goose m.f.'s after the golden egg this shit is ill had to re-post this and the next verse.
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    Default yo son listen............

    rich heights set sights game gets tight
    time jets think bright broaden horizons wide
    best to get it right no second chances
    blessings granted through god given talent
    wild stallion gold medallion keys move like a 100 horses
    increasing power by the hour bathed in sun rays
    positive star light showers leaving the masses over towered
    scatter gold flakes of dust into the atmosphere like nibiru
    marduk cast devils to the red planet enlil left enki and inana stranded
    manipulated the dna of the earth beings in eden were seen pure things
    four times they tried to make them in their image some squinted others limp limbed
    they added an extra branch to the double helix and succeeded
    and inter breeded half man half god the creation from mating with their human children
    slave making to toil in the mines through the astroid belt to the outer realm
    of the solar system was sent the precious metal to be refined
    volcanic ashes from the suns flares no longer protected rays no longer deflected
    epilliptical orbit fly bys too close out come catastrophic the lost book face on mars
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    halos fly denied second chance to shine
    drunken wine spitter street scholar prophet
    always on target protector of the market
    on point in the plaza hunt down impostors
    killah roster puffing rastah shell shocker
    simplify the science liquidate defiant tyrants
    architect mathematical thug methodical
    organized rhymes like a well oiled machine
    let me tell you what opposition means
    thats you, governments, military and law
    crowbar shatter jaws trying to mic brawl
    against all fuck odds and nimrods in hip hop
    hit the top dog watch him fall think big
    no time for you small timers candy soft rapper
    bubble gum with a gun rhymers my verbal versitile
    arsonal you can locate since the first page

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    Kitana blade catch a fade
    screwdriver keeping it live'er
    who wanna mic. Brawl mawl m.c.'s
    bully dog of a new breed shadow technique
    assassins creed guaranteed to bleed
    you dont wanna battle me die violently
    militant killah armed glock gripped inside of my palm
    read fortunes war face worn stradigized an attack
    wack spitters get wacked on contact no contract
    mortal end to a rhyming fatal freind
    wasted time spent you trash fucking gusto straight outta locash
    im on point with a note pad yous a b-rad from the bu trying to rap
    ha! Im on ya razor sharp thoughts like the claw of a tiger
    point blank range on a sniper
    nothing strange pain i came to bring you

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    you in gen. pop. only because aint no room in p.c. ay b. you a winnie/
    you dictionary pointdexters cant fuck with a real m.c./
    get pile drived into a sharpened file your comrads can get it too/
    just one of you to step out of line is all it takes/
    roll it up top bunks day room and lower tiers cleared of fakes/
    type your ass off but around us keep your mouth shut/
    throw your race up bust your brain open fucken rodent posting/
    above hold it down for all the homies in the c.d.c. to all the g's in the cali streets/
    its a fine line drawn get wacked sent the kite/
    this inside rap cat took out the cypher and thats word from level one first termers/
    to level four lifers/
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    pistol straight whipping candy paint dipping/
    cocaine flipping cartel mob figure chopper stay spitting/
    who the fucks tripping boss in the game/
    receiving mad brain from these vixxens/
    got they heart skipping top dog on a mission/
    to keep the cheddar cheese stacking/
    fuck with the plaza and that when bodies turn up missing/
    still calling shots out wasco state prison/
    hit the mainline swollen hustler for real true baller rolling/

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    keep the blunt raps smoking/
    gun toting after clips unloaded/
    wise words promoted still the most potent/
    hard core drug dealeh killah eyes on the skrillah/
    explosive focal tentacles extend across the global/
    titanium armor my cosmic glow grow stronger than a solar flare/
    the sun will spot you scope on my riffle/

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    I hold tittles the signs are vital/
    here is a message to all my rivals/
    study the symbols avoid confusion to keep it simple/
    thoughts project the image of a man with the business/
    war genius philosophical incendiary rounds burning down your arsenal/
    shells shatter organizms trying to battle dark matter/

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    Quote Originally Posted by -ABOVE View Post
    keep the blunt raps smoking/
    gun toting after clips unloaded/
    wise words promoted still the most potent/
    hard core drug dealeh killah eyes on the skrillah/
    explosive focal tentacles extend across the global/
    titanium armor my cosmic glow grow stronger than a solar flare/
    the sun will spot you scope on my riffle/

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    hell yeah thank you

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    ragz to riches gutter ball on bomb spinach/this blood money slash killer-cabbage got a essay hanging fools off bridges/lips and eye lids for the stitches ill with the sickness/lifestyle dark in the arts/death got me watching my back grim reaper sending for me so I sharpen my ax/cameras catch the blood squirm very clear you can hear their bones hacked/in a dim room limbs get sawed orders sent by the boss/strict penalties for currency lost or a double cross/face to face blaze the snug to your cheek bone bazooka eradicate your chief stoned/price payed for being a thug in the game theirs mad love/

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    epowerful plasma blood flow Enigmatic dissolving all static And hostility in my realm
    Sanctuary of a great entity My words a film document my life accordingly
    Never overwhelmed calm in my speech eraticate hostility No tolerance for adversity liquidate enemies quick
    Heavy In sand box fearless in the project block knock the ball out the park in the sand lot
    Inspired by the classics motivated by the music get the juices flowing
    Eye on the Jesuits unraveling Zionist plots studying mars
    Carrying scars concrete bars cannot be barred Problem reaction solution counteract tactics of the wicked
    twenty twelve in prison reading zac stichin and david icke back in 2000 listening to coast to coast am behold a pale horse that's when it all started out
    2000 years they kept our thoughts in the clouds extra sensory perception no longer shutting down
    Yo kid I'm like a Rothschild running wild when I speak on shit clutch like a python with my mic grip

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    Tables Turn..Which Made it Worse, Engaged N' Searched..
    for a Way ta' Learn, how ta Take tha' Curse of the Weight of Earth
    Incase it Curved, and Strained my Nervous System..
    Rage it Burst, n' Explained in Words how ta Further Wisdom

    Take ya life plus ya afterlife -Bloodshed

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    Father N Dangerous peace.

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