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Thread: late night with Meth (tonight)

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    Default late night with Meth (tonight)

    did anyone watch the craig ferguson show, lol. meth was on talking about the strip game DVD , craig said something about his mom wanting to party with the wutang, lol .

    the crowd was loving it but it almost seemed like over laughter

    ( i think they were paid or something since it was friday and theres competition with conan, conan seemed to have paid laughers too, it was weird)

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    Default Re: late night with Meth (tonight)

    I missed it. That's all Meth was talking about?

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    Default Re: late night with Meth (tonight)

    damn fuck missed it

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    Default Re: late night with Meth (tonight)

    They wouldn pay for laughter theyd jus add it in
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    Default Re: late night with Meth (tonight)

    lots of weed talk too, you know, the usual ,,,

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    Default Re: late night with Meth (tonight)

    so all they talked about was weed and strippers? i guess i didnt miss much.
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    Default Re: late night with Meth (tonight)

    ah fuck

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    Default Re: late night with Meth (tonight)

    ^lmao at that being this guy's first and so far only post...^

    conan pays for laughs? really? he's hilarious, didnt think hed have to. dont know who craig ferguson is.
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    Default Re: late night with Meth (tonight)

    METH was funny as hell........dude is very charasmatic

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    Default Re: late night with Meth (tonight)

    isnt the craig ferguson show the show with out craig fergasuon

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