Lil Kim has been out of the limelight for awhile. After court, jail, plastic surgery and rumors galore, the rapper is finally back with a tape. Her new mixtape, Ms. GOAT, will be out soon and she recently spoke on what people can expect from her.

"This mixtape is special to me because I do a lot of female-rapper songs over, and it's almost a tribute to them and a thank-you and a shout-out," Kim told MTV. "If no one else is gonna recognize them, I'm gonna recognize the women I looked up to and respect and love. I also got a lot of new songs on there, like the one with me and 50 Cent. It's hot. I'm glad we could do this. He's really a great person. Love you, Fif."

So, what exactly is up with her love-hate relationship with 50?
"Me and Fif always been really tight. We used to talk on the phone every day," she said about their relationship before their most recent falling-out and reconciliation. "He placed a call to me and I thought it was very big of him, and it was all very respectful. When we were on the phone with each other, we were being very careful to not step on each other's words. It's like the best reunion I think I ever had with a friend. He's really a good person. He had this idea [for the song] and he said, 'Don't nobody do it like you, Bee. I wanna make this "Magic Stick" part two.' Me and Fif got some surprises for y'all."

But, at the same minute a beef ends, another one begins. Recently, Kim threw shots at Remy Ma over a 50 beat. She went on to discuss about what this is about.

"At the end of the day, I'm not gonna sit there and not say nothing...I spoke how I felt. She can take it how she wanna take it. She goes in on me, I go in back. It ain't even nothing to think about. At the end of the day, it's on wax, but whatever ... because if you go in on me, I got the right to go in on you bottom line! Next! I don't even look at it as competition."

"A lot of people was coming to me like, 'Why you say something about Remy?' ... These chicks kill me," she said. "One minute they wanna be my friend, then the next minute they on the radio going in on me. The next minute they on songs going in on me. I can't let nobody take that away from me. It's only but so much you can take."

Still, she shows love to most females in the game.
"Shout out to all the females in the game...All females should have the right to be cocky and boast about what they do. One person might be the best at what they do. Trina is the best at what she does. She's the baddest bitch in the South. Missy is the baddest bitch, I'm the baddest bitch. It's gotta be love for the next person love and work. It's art. At the end of the day, it is what it is."

Kim's next album will be released in 2008. She claims it may even reach stores in February.