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Thread: notes from new palestine: the new deal for this millenium pullin the ropes on crack

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    Default notes from new palestine: the new deal for this millenium pullin the ropes on crack

    notes from new palestine: the new deal for this millenium pullin the ropes on crack

    the flooding of crack in our area has the evil hand of the samo folk and new lackeys of the first flood in the u.s. -- the feds, the jakes, the adl and now csis and the rcmp are rollin with the genocide for gentrification of victoria, bc. (our new allies -- thanks to harper and his crew) this city in the same week that the u.s. made crack the new deal for this millennium our island started to hand out free crack pipes months after they made the decision to close a few schools -- close schools and hand out crack pipes -- now who is behind the crack game? and how to fight a government and big business realstate

    of course investigating this story will most likely get you destroyed or killed

    do you dare

    do the math

    1428 Lawrence Y Braithwaite (aka Lord Patch)
    New Palestine/The Hood/ lil lebanon and the lands
    Victoria, BC

    message to the black man mp3 download:
    the history of crack and gangs and the cia by the hon min louis farrakhan


    Saturday » December 15 » 2007

    Island users to get free crack pipes
    New study suggests addicts who share tools could spread hepatitis C virus

    Cindy E. Harnett
    Times Colonist

    Thursday, December 13, 2007

    CREDIT: Ian Smith, CanWest News Service
    A man smokes a pipe loaded with crack cocaine -- a highly addictive, relatively cheap street drug. A study released yesterday suggests the sharing of crack pipes could transmit the hepatitis C virus between users.

    A controversial crack-pipe distribution program driven out of Nanaimo earlier this year will be set up across Vancouver Island in the new year.

    The crack pipes, or components like mouthpieces and filters, will be handed out at needle-exchange sites in Victoria, Nanaimo, Campbell River and Courtenay, as well as through mobile units in many other Island communities, said Murray Fyfe, medical health officer for the Vancouver Island Health Authority.

    The program will be funded through the Ministry of Health, as part of its provincewide harm-reduction strategy, which already includes needle exchanges. Although pilot distribution programs have been in place in Victoria and other B.C. cities for up to two years, they were funded by a variety of organizations on a test basis.

    They also were a source of controversy. In Nanaimo, VIHA had to stop pipe distribution in June after city council and residents raised concerns and VIHA staff were harassed. At the time, VIHA chief executive officer Howard Waldner admitted the authority could have done a better job of communicating the goals of the project -- which were to mitigate the spread of diseases, including HIV, hepatitis C and tuberculosis, through the sharing of pipes.

    Crack cocaine is a highly addictive, relatively cheap and prevalent street drug used across Canada. Sold in crystal form, it is heated and smoked through a pipe -- usually makeshift ones fashioned out of glass fluorescent-light tubes, metal cans or plastic tubes.

    The Island's new distribution program comes on the heels of a study -- called the HCV Transmission Among Oral Crack Users -- released yesterday that suggests the sharing of crack pipes could transmit the debilitating hepatitis C virus between users.

    The study by the UVic-based Centre for Addictions Research B.C. was conducted on 51 inner-city crack users in Toronto in 2006. The virus was detected on one of the 22 crack pipes examined whose owners had tested positive for the hepatitis C virus antibody.

    Lead researcher Benedikt Fischer, director of the illicit drugs, public health and policy unit at the addictions research centre, said the study provides biological evidence, lacking until now, that hepatitis C could be passed from an infected crack user onto a pipe, likely through mouth sores.

    While more rigorous research is needed to confirm the findings, the study demonstrates the need for targeted prevention programs for these drug users, who are already "marginalized and sickly," he said.

    He can't say whether safer crack-use kits are the answer, but said they aren't costly and certainly do no harm.

    While the rate of HIV/AIDS infection has stabilized across Vancouver Island, hepatitis C infections are increasing -- in 2005, 74 per cent of intravenous drug users were infected, up from 68 per cent just two years earlier. Hepatitis C is the most prevalent viral disease among street drug users, and is estimated to cost the Canadian health-care system up to $1 billion a year.

    There are an estimated 4,000 injection-drug users on the Island, about half that number in Victoria. According to a 2005 VIHA study, 69 per cent of injection-drug users in Victoria also smoked crack cocaine.

    Katrina Jensen, executive director of AIDS Vancouver Island, which hands out crack pipes and mouthpieces in Victoria, and will start new programs in Port Hardy and Campbell River early in the new year, welcomed the new research about hepatitis C transmission.

    "That's what we need is more evidence, we haven't had the scientific evidence, it's been more anecdotal until now, that crack smoking is a risk [for hepatitis C transmission]," she said.

    Harm-reduction strategies are a small part of health-care spending that yield a big return, she added.

    Similar crack-pipe distribution programs have been set up in other Canadian cities, such as Vancouver, Toronto, Ottawa and Winnipeg.


    (c) Times Colonist (Victoria) 2007

    (c) 2007 CanWest Interactive, a division of CanWest MediaWorks Publications, Inc.. All rights reserved.

    see also:

    GNN's award winning documentry on the CIA's involvement with selling of narcotics
    Tracking the covert history of CIA drug smuggling from Nicaragua to Arkansas and South Central Los Angeles, GNN sheds light on the darkest secret of the Agency’s operational directorate. Cut to the ambient Hip Hop loops of DJ Trek-e, Crack The CIA features explosive footage of Mike Ruppert’s historical televised confrontation with CIA Director John Deutch.
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    I don’t think there’s any other word but racist. I have never seen an entire race labeled as conspiracy theorists before. This was really—that’s when I thought they had really gone off the deep end, when they were trying to convince everybody that, well, you know, these black people, you know, they believe anything they’re told, which was when you boil it down, that’s exactly what the articles were saying. They tried to couch it in the scientific and sociological terms as why blacks distrust government. The bottom line is that these folks will believe anything. The Tom Tomorrow did an amazingly good cartoon when he had two New York Times reporters sitting around talking and they said, well, just because the United States government has a history of lying to the American public and there’s ten years of documented evidence with CIA involvement and drug trafficking, they actually think this might be true? The other guy goes, those Negros will believe anything. That was sort of the reaction in a very cut-down form of what these long wheezes in the Post and the New York Times did one the LA Times did one, the Washington Post did one on, oh you know—of course, black people are upset, because they all believe that, you know, Kentucky Fried Chicken will make you sterile, as if they have no reason whatsoever to believe that the United States government doesn’t have their best interests at heart at times. Look at the Tuskegee experiment and you can go on through history to explain why people of color would not trust the government" -- gary web -- "Investigative Reporter Gary Webb Who Linked CIA to Crack Sales Found Dead of Apparent Suicide"



    For the better part of a decade, a San Francisco Bay Area drug ring sold tons of cocaine to the Crips and Bloods street gangs of Los Angeles and funneled millions in drug profits to a Latin American guerrilla army run by the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency, a Mercury News investigation has found. This drug network opened the first pipeline between Colombia's cocaine cartels and the black neighborhoods of Los Angeles, a city now known as the crack capital of the world.





    Secret ties between CIA, drugs revealed


    The Synagogue of Satan:



    The death of Gary Webb: The CIA, crack cocaine and the Black community



    nb: the uzi is and israel invention. how did an israeli weapon get into the innerciteis of the u.s.?
    how did a bunch of shin beit israeli mercenaries get into nola to shoot our peoples during katrina?

    In time, the cocaine that flooded Los Angeles helped spark a "crack explosion" in urban America and provided the cash and connections needed for Los Angeles's gangs to buy Uzi sub-machine guns, AK-47 rifles, and other assault weapons that would fuel deadly gang turf wars, drive-by shootings, murders and robberies -- rosalind muhammad -- "Secret ties between CIA, drugs revealed



    message to the black man mp3 download:
    the history of crack and gangs and the cia by the hon min louis farrakhan




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