Yo it was like 12:30 at night... I was walking around downtown wit some buddies kickin it n shit you know?
And we walked past this drug dealer.. MOther fucker looked like the black willie wonka.....sep he was fuckin gay man.
thing that he says to us is, "Ya'll want some good shit?" I said "Nah" He said, " You sure hun?" I said "Um......yes sir" I was scared as fuck man. If i were to laugh man, I would have gotten my shit caved in. The mother fucker dressed just like willi wonka man. That shit is funny to look at now, but at the time i was scared as fuck man. He had a gun and everything. As we left hes like "Now come back if you want sum good shit ok baby?"

Akabobbyd did the best he could making out an image of this thug.

So for you mother fuckers who think homo thugs arent hard, think again. To me, those mother fuckers are the deadliest ones.