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Thread: What dick taste taste's like to me!!!

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    Cant beat a bit of felching on a friday night!

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    Quote Originally Posted by soul controller View Post
    did you clean your face after the squirter squirted on you?


    did she kiss you while your face was covered in her juices?

    Yes, I always make my way back up and kiss a woman after I eat pussy.

    I like making her taste herself, it's a double standard, I know.

    I'm an asshole like that.

    or did you tell her to wash?


    It's my neurotic issue.

    I don't wanna kiss a woman with dick flavor on her mouth or eat it after I beat it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by CharlesJones View Post
    Thanks for your hate hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha.

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    lol @ dick flavor

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    Quote Originally Posted by TSA View Post
    but for all my dick suckin n1ggauhz...
    rep added


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    Quote Originally Posted by TSA View Post
    Ok here's the REAL question

    we've all heard nut tastes different with each person, and we all know the Wu pretty well...question is, what does each wu members nut taste like

    Rza-Sushi, a lot of salt, he's into asian culture a lot, so i think it'll taste like an asian guys nut

    Gza- probably like peanuts since he talks like he always eating peanuts

    Ol'Dirty- you could probably get drunk off it, i'll say beer, chicken, and salt

    Inspecktah Deck- cum

    Raekwon the Chef- He seems like he eats a fair share, so his tastes will vary, a lot of sugar would imply he has great sugary nut, possbily the best nut in the wu. As he says "All hail to my dick"...i guess he wasn't joking

    U-God- He probably jacks off a lot, so when he nuts you'll only get the googy dribble of a constant masterbater instead of the thick extract of a periodic ejaculator. So his nut would be sweet, but unforfilling for all my bukkakke style niggaz

    GhostfaceKillah-Cheese Pasta and an exotic hint of garlic. Like an italians nut

    Methodman- Telling from his amount of body heart and youthly attitude, he probably bust the biggest gl0bz, idk about taste though, it's probably watery and runny because he's always on stage drinking water. I also but my best nuts size wise after working out, and he seems to work out of stage a lot.

    MastaKilla- Sorry fans, but Killa's nut is gonna taste like shit. I had 2 super sluts tell me that if you eat a lot of veggies your nuts taste like butts.
    Plus he seems like if he was giving it to ya he would pull out and bust on the floor instead of the mouth like a bitch.

    Cappadonna- whoa! Donna probably has a real FaT+y., but fattys such as mine usually have a delayed nut reaction. Like he'll bust, and 3.5 seconds later the nut comes out. Idk what it would taste like though, probably like ghosts.

    Cilvarings-goat meat and gatorade.
    Quote Originally Posted by TSA View Post
    Speaking of Skampoe's dick

    what do ya'll think it'll taste like?

    i think it would smell really bad and thus the taste would basically be the smell...ugh.

    fat sweaty mexican rapper dick?.....ugh
    Quote Originally Posted by soul controller View Post
    ive tasted my own cum if that helps...

    not like shot into my mouth!! just when you cum inside a girl and then licks her out, or when you cum in her mouth then kiss..or when you come on her, and massage it in, let it dry,., then get her to where tight clothes with no underwear.. you go out.. then you come back and start playing again...
    then its like heyyy why do u taste salty.. then i recall why :S
    Quote Originally Posted by soul controller View Post
    true story bro, done it so much :S lolol

    one of the best sources of protein and calcium!

    so i been told.. lol
    Quote Originally Posted by Shadow Demon View Post
    Soul man wtf lol ......

    drink milk nigga
    Quote Originally Posted by soul controller View Post
    cant deal with milk. makes me be sick.

    sometimes its ok. but very rarely..

    now goats milk

    thats some mind altering shit!!
    Quote Originally Posted by TSA View Post
    In the end of the day this thread will never die because the question strikes a nerve.

    Shout out to soul for the assessment. That's real crime.
    I wonder if nut can me sterilized and used as an alternative to milk for people that can't drink milk.
    Quote Originally Posted by FMJ View Post
    I believe I spoke of this in a thread one time. World hunger solved. A few months ago they had on fear factor a part where players drink donkey cum. It didn't air, but think of the amount of cum produced and how it could be a food to injest. Why stop at cows breast milk?

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    Shit's entertaining.

    Also, on topic...This just out...

    Notice how cum tasting is not mentioned in this instructional vid.
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    Quote Originally Posted by TSA View Post
    I'm in Wallonia, oh wait, now I'm in Flanders. #OhLetsDoIt
    Quote Originally Posted by Frank Drebin
    Since you join you have posted 333 messages a month on average.
    Quote Originally Posted by Tectrus Moa
    Are you fucking happy now?! I can't believe I have to post a picture of my shit in order to shut you faggots up! And this is me!

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