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Thread: YEAH yeah yeah - im sleepy

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    Default YEAH yeah yeah - im sleepy

    now im just having fun
    close my eyes - touch the sun
    cool as the clouds
    floating killer sounds
    aztecs in the background of the ballroom
    spilling blood on the dancefloor - sliding upto the prettiest girl

    recite ancient retro verse
    the sounds that revolve around the earth
    magnetic birth - positive to the powerful -
    negative to the nacent -
    indecent descent -

    shoplifters will be prostituted

    and no-one will be prosecuted - danger - slamming swords - you may be executed

    cute girl - you may be prostituted - play game like pro = whats your name?

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    Default Re: YEAH yeah yeah - im sleepy

    ... very simple but its nice, i like it... descriptions are good, work on the flow a little, but overall, nice... keep writing...

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