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Thread: Killa Army?

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    I know that rite now their not a group and probably won't be again cause 9th doesn't like sin.

    "Grab ya army suits,ya fat black boots,military gear and go out like troops"

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    is it pronouced "kill-army" or "killa-army"? because they always call it "killa-army" in their songs... but i call them "kill-army".... hmm...

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    Because I talk to Dom all the time. Dom wasn't and hasn't spoke to 9th in a long time, probably about a year now. Sin is locked up and he may not feel too cool about Sin and Sin doesn't feel to cool about him, but before he got locked up, he and Islord came around my crib, so he has no beef with Sin, because Sin is my man.

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    i spoke to NLZ and here is what he had to say:
    KILLARMY is still around each exploring their own endeavors ...at the moment the TEAM NAPALM movement is lead by Dom Pachino and the themes for most of the music remain in militant spirit keeping that vibe alive ...maybe we'll c soon if KILLARMY will get together again to record because they're last album was ill and it didn't get promoted due to the 911 situation


    thx to NLZ for the info
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