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Thread: I'm Gonna Make It

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    Default I'm Gonna Make It

    I'm gonna make this dream into a reality,
    Leave the bullshit behind me,
    A sold out colliseum is where you can find me,
    Holding the chrome, Blessing the microphone,
    Crushing anyone in front fo me when I'm locked in my zone,
    People say in this game I don't have a place,
    I'm bout to throw that shit right back in your face,
    Hip hop won't be the same,
    The game will be changed,
    By the emcee deranged,
    My words sketched in this book by pain,
    I don't give a fuck,
    A young country buck,
    About to blow it up,
    I'll show all you mother fuckers up,
    When I pick up my pencil,
    I'm invincible,
    Ya'll just students fucking with the principal,

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    Default Re: I'm Gonna Make It

    nb..... needs work

    still standin tall

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    Default Re: I'm Gonna Make It

    elevations key, u got potential, hit me up peace
    "ya'll niggas can't be serious, i was nice before ice, before christ, before the the words let there be light, and the light took over the night, i was born wit the mic, lord of the mic before all plant and animal life, took this rap shit to new heights before the wright brothers took flight, before dogfightin' and aerial strikes, before mc's picked up pens and started to write" - Canibus

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