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Thread: Man kills, cooks and possibly eats girlfriend, police say

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    Default Man kills, cooks and possibly eats girlfriend, police say

    Man kills, cooks and possibly eats girlfriend, police say


    TYLER, Texas (AP) -- A man killed his girlfriend, then filleted and cooked parts of her body before calling police to tell them what he was doing, authorities said Sunday.
    Christopher Lee McCuin allegedly killed his girlfriend and then called police to say he was boiling her body parts.

    Christopher Lee McCuin, 25, called 911 on Saturday and told an emergency dispatcher he had killed Jana Shearer, 21, and was boiling her body parts at his mother's home, said Smith County Sheriff J.B. Smith.
    When authorities arrived at the home, they found Shearer's mutilated body, one ear boiling in a pot of water on the stove and a fork sticking out of some human flesh sitting on a plate on the kitchen table.
    Authorities said it was unclear whether McCuin consumed any part of Shearer's body.
    "We cannot prove that he did," Smith told The Associated Press. "He was either going to, had been or led us to think that he was doing it."
    Authorities believe Shearer, 21, was abducted from her home Friday night and killed. Her death and mutilation was apparently the beginning of a crime spree that also included McCuin allegedly stabbing the boyfriend of his estranged wife and breaking into a business.
    The stabbing victim is in critical condition at an area hospital, officials said.
    McCuin, of Tyler, about 110 miles east of Dallas, was charged with capital murder. He was being held in the Smith County Jail on a $2 million bond Sunday and did not have an attorney, officials said. He was scheduled to be arraigned Monday, Smith said.
    Before he called 911, McCuin told his mother and her boyfriend to look in their garage, authorities said. There the couple saw the remains of Shearer. McCuin's mother and her boyfriend fled the home and flagged down a police officer. McCuin dialed authorities after they left.
    A man who answered the door Sunday night where the body was found declined to comment.
    Shearer appeared to have died from blunt trauma to her head, Smith said. She may have been kidnapped Friday night, when her mother witnessed her get into McCuin's truck.
    "There was no struggle but she could see the girl left with no shoes, no purse and no cell phone," Smith said.
    McCuin then drove to his estranged wife's home, where he stabbed William Veasley, 42, Smith said. McCuin was still in that home when deputies arrived, but escaped in his car after a short chase, Smith said.
    "We thought it was a disturbance or an assault," Smith said.
    McCuin wasn't seen again until Saturday morning, when he arrived at his mother's home and called her into the garage so she could "come see what he had done," Smith said.
    When sheriff deputies arrived, McCuin barricaded himself in the home for a short time before coming out. After he emerged, officers entered and found Shearer's body, Sgt. Gary Middleton said.
    Detectives were trying to determine where the slaying happened. They think McCuin drove to his mother's home with the dead woman in the back seat of his extended-cab pickup, Smith said.

    Freddy Castillo, who lives two houses down, said he frequently heard McCuin and his girlfriend argue in the house and the yard.
    "They would get pretty loud," Castillo said. "They'd yell back and forth and then he would just get in his car and leave."

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    and bite into her with your weird fangs ?

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    i battled this dude called ryddles once and said:

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    call me red bull cause i'll give you wings/
    i got witch tittie flows that leave you froze thru spring./

    random thought just came to mind..
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