Im so quick on the draw
All yall
wanna test the fastest hands in the east
before you get to the mic everybody be sayin rest in peace
im never diein always on the increase
I never cease to be Numero Uno
Always strikin at the time thatís inoppurtuno
Outta the saloono guns blazin
I shed the light yall become raisins,
Shrivelin, quiverin under my Iron Fisted Grip on the Microphonic
6 Million and Im bionic
spit supa sonic charged by atoms the Ionic
Bonds Electrovalent my talent doesnít match my potential
Im insured im talkin prudential control metal Eric Lensherr
Actually more of a rabid Wolverine
So beastly I make you careen onto the shoulder
Think Im mean I just get colder as I get older
My accumulated knowledge
A Prodige-y ainít bullshit like scientology
Canít explain me im an anomaly
Among Conformists im an irregularity
Theres no way to match my Verbal Lyricality
In life im quiet but on the mic ainít no one louda then me
Sucka MCs hate the sound of me
Cause theres bound to be some battlin
Ya know they tattlin Sayin im too Blunt
Put yoself in class take Stunt 101 and Chemistry
So you know how to survive in this industry