Kanye West certainly likes to talk, but since the death of his mother, Donda, in November, the outspoken and colorfully brash rapper/producer hasn't made many public remarks beyond touching tributes he gave after her passing, while he toured overseas.

On Wednesday, however, West posted a brief entry on his blog, KanyeUniverseCity.com, for the first time since November 10th, 2007, the same day his mother died from cosmetic-surgery complications.

Kanye thanked everyone for their support and unpredictably wrote about what helped him zone out during his European tour: the game Connect Four. In the game, which is played in a vertically suspended grid, players take turns dropping in discs until one player has four of them in a row (vertically, horizontally or diagonally).

It seems West has become quite the player and has everyone in his camp involved too, from his manager, Don C; to Common's manager, Derrick Dudley; to fellow rappers Consequence and Jay-Z.

At any time, West detailed, anyone could be beat — although Cons and Dudley were two of the few who were actually better than him.

But West wrote of the legendary Connect Four player he kept hearing about: Beyoncé.

West explained that he had to duke it out with B. And he and the former Destiny's Child frontwoman matched up on New Year's Day at Jay-Z's brand-new 40/40 sports bar in Las Vegas.

It wasn't even close.

"She beat me 9 times in a row," 'Ye wrote. "And I didn't even spaz, lol."

Kanye posted three photos of him and Beyoncé battling it out, and he appeared in good spirits in a picture accompanying the entry of his sole victory over B.

Oh yeah, and check out the 40/40 turkey burgers if you're ever in town, according to 'Ye. They are the best ones he's had in his life.