Is anybody here into horror fiction? Iím looking for some recommendations of new authors to check out.

Iíve read all of Stephen Kingís books aside from the Dark Towers series. I regard Peter Straub and Dan Simmons very highly too. Theyíre the top 3 for me. Koontz is hit and miss. I read the Richard R McCammon book, ďMineĒ, which was pretty good. Can anybody recommend any of his other books? Richard Laymon is highly entertaining too. I tried John Saul and thought he was the most ordinary and simple writer Iíve ever read. It wasnít until very late in the book when it described a man accepting another manís penis orally that I was even certain it was an adult book and not a teen book, ha. Iíve got all Poeís work too. Read a fair bit of it. Great stuff indeed. Iíve got some H.P Lovecraft books too, but havenít read any yet.

Can anybody throw some other names and titles out there, or maybe we could even just build on the work of some of these authors?