hey boy what you reading
on the veranda looking scaty
- my mind wonders
- walking across 10 inch nails
- my life choses to never fail
- contortionists making moves that make more $ than extortionists
better climb the tight rope
shimmi acrooss silver sands
hold the gulf war in my hands
undivided like the heart of king salamon
i dont eat salmon and so i divide waters the the light of a diamond
in the heat we stand - inner ba and we never fall - except to skydive
and make it to the top - ste;ping on pluto plugging hot rocks
and if war is what you lack - did you really take acid - i think i just took a sip
- and the world is off again on a butterlfy flip a cosmic trip - so let me hold the - - phone - and breakbeat with peruvian matial arts - dance with a panther - - sent from the aztec - check the tech on my phone - the equation = it might - break your neck - pounce to it - running pounds off the beat - chillian heat + - some like it cold - bear to bull - north to south - pole to pole - to equal-lateral - to the power of the universe - of course - thread a needle - on an old singer - - brixton chocolate box + freddie bkrugger - making money like amarni - i,m on it - another foot and i might reach the summit - i never summit - but i must admit - when its really cold i do wear i jacket -

pack it up + pack it in -
bag it up and pop it in
shoulder holsters dont always win twin?

the games we begin - monopoly to take over the whole city
pity the nitty gritty never got so dirty
so fine every girls looking flirty
she looks 13 - but i swear her mind is about 30 - or is that her mum
- lets kidnap a hotty - play biggi to hypnotise she + the next john gotti
+ then get all the money
- only when the pirate ship is tight - and were holding all the light -
+ she always said the light saber would never save her - when the darness - collides + the batteries run out - who you goina call - mobile hustlers - - western gun rustlers - black and white with Sherie Davis - playing mjuder kiss
- + i plagued three on my wrist - sent your sister on an adverture through the - life of an abyss - abbysinian dope beat rhymers - but i forgot abba were stilll - singing in a dirty bar in brooklaynd - where people walk with hooks and decite in crooked hands -

buck a first draft -
drift through the staff
canteen killers try and take a bite
- be coming through with the crooked tooth of a python - from pylon to pylon - - mike 1