shit, my stitches itch again
my pen easily drips venomous liquids
little kids skip scriptures and pick up big brother's guns
the grips are still rough
strength of will is my steel bustin
troubled by the innocent repercussions
attention simpletons:
don't turn this into a grim reaper discussion
my peace is corrupted by weak mumblin
keep it comin
I leave v-tunnels flooded with bleedin ice-crusted dummies
breath the dust of a man standin on a giant's noggin
tie the problems where they rightly belong
exercise the longest sight strongly
there are only two options: applaud or drop your own heat
so you think you know kung-fu?
show me
your flow is a slow leaf driftin
gettin drilled holes by killa beez
mimicry is a difficult skill to exhibit properly
your limited artistry against my unlimited armory
keys swim in my arteries
prehistoric sharks feedin on small pawns crawlin across beets
chopped degrees assault the streets
sergeant slaughter dirty moggs with thirty-aught techniques