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Thread: David Banner - Play

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    Default David Banner - Play

    So it has come down to dudes copying the fuckin YING YANG TWINS.........

    new David Banner song sounds like a fuckin BRITNEY SPEARS or CRISTINA AGULARIA song

    .......dudes is afraid to actually put out 'rap" records anymore........its all about making dance records.........rap in 2005=fuckin disco music

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    Default Re: David Banner - Play

    Yeah it's wack..and the video is similiar to Kanye's Workout Plan..probly because same director but still..


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    Default Re: David Banner - Play

    The same producer did Ying Yang's last hit and this hit. Plays alot in the club.

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    Default Re: David Banner - Play

    Its a clone of Wait. Banner is whispering over Mr. Collipark beat, nuff sed

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    Default Re: David Banner - Play

    yeah i did notice how much it fused workout plan with that whisper song

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